Sunday, January 04, 2009

If You'd Never Existed

On Christmas Eve, I was watching "It's a Wonderful Life" while wrapping gifts with my mom. Mom was in and out of the room, but once when she walked in, she glanced at the television and asked me,

"Have you ever thought about how different the world would be if you'd never existed?"

To be honest, at first I said, "eh, nothing would be different..."

But then I got to thinking, and it's been on my mind since that evening. Truth be told, there are a few things that could be different:

- My school would not have a webpage
- My old co-teacher wouldn't have a neighbor close by to walk with
- Elizabeth & Joe perhaps wouldn't be married. They are a couple that I set up in 2002 and now have a son...
- My family's dynamics would be different with someone else as the oldest
- Two of my friends who are close wouldn't even know each other
- Elora, the young, blind girl I led to become a Christian in Belize would probably not be Christian!
- A few porch roofs in New Orleans wouldn't exist...or at least, wouldn't be built so perfectly ;)
- My sister Rachael wouldn't have a doting oldest sister
- My sisters Rachael and Lily wouldn't have made gingerbread cookies yesterday, or a gingerbread house recently
- The kiddos at school would not have a cool new calendar each month ;)
- The kiddos at school would not have a teacher to show them how to make snowflakes
- My brother Bryan wouldn't have a pocketknife from Switzerland...
- My friend Lexi would have no one to chai tea search with in Big City
- My friend Bobi wouldn't have had anyone to go to the Office Convention with

Have you ever thought about it? What would be different? A lot, I'm sure you'll discover. Something to think about :)


  1. I've never really thought about it, but I think I will now. It is crazy to think about how different things would be if I did not exist. For one thing my 2 wonderful children wouldn't be here which makes me sad. So, I'm thankful for life.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have really enjoyed yours and I think I will come back again. Have a great week!

  2. That is such an amazing thing to think about. This world is so big and I feel so tiny (well I don't feel that way physically ha ha) Its neat to think of all the people you have had an effect on in your life! Your baby name blog cracks me up, I'm def. going to have to visit that in a year when I can convince the hubby to let me have another! Thanks for the post and the comment!

  3. @ Kasey: Definitely makes you thankful for life :) Come again anytime!

    @ Orr's: I know exactly how you feel :) In the huge, vast world, usually I feel as though I don't really matter but then I thought about this question and it turns out I do matter, as does every person!

  4. Bethany,
    This post made me tear up. Other people may be able to do things we can do, but no one is disposable or replaceable, and certainly not you.
    Thank you for sharing your list with us. :)

  5. Great question. I am of the opinion that fate plays a role in our lives. I feel there are a handful of specific people that we each are meant to meet throughout our lives. It is up to us to find them and let the lessons from those meetings shape and influence lives. Of course we will find a way to get off track so every now and then fate nudges us back on course.

  6. I hadn't thought of it but I surely will think it through now. Very deep. I can't imagine it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  7. wow, it is something to think about! I never thought about my existence like that
    Also thanks for stopping by my blog

  8. great post! the world surely is better becaus eyou are in it.

  9. This is such a beautiful post! I love it. :)

  10. I have never thought to that point, but my mom always talks about how she wished her parents wouldn't have brought her to the US. That has made me think of all the different things that wouldn't have happened, including me & my brother. I will have to think about this some more.

    It really makes you see how much one person does to the world. Great topic!

  11. @ Sharon: Thanks! I thought it was something neat to think about :)

    @ Bumbles: That's a cool take on it. I never really thought of it that way, more like God has a plan for our life, but definitely sometimes we veer off, and hopefully get back on the path eventually. I do find it really interesting/cool that lots of the people we meet in life, it seems like we are definitely meant to meet!

    @ Wendy: Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the post!

    @ Lalapoo: I'd never thought about life before in this respect either. It's cool! Thanks for coming by :)

    @ Andrea: Thanks so much, you are too sweet!

    @ Kelly: Glad you enjoyed it!

    @ Ginny: As an aside to that, my grandmother wishes she'd never married my grandfather. When her children remind her that she wouldn't have them, she calmly replied, "Oh, but I'd have other kids..." Yea, she's a bit odd ;)


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