Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lots of updates

Now that my fabulous, God-given three and a half day break is about halfway over, I am beginning to miss my kids at school again so I pulled out a few new kidisms from this week- they are at the bottom of the post :)

Since we haven't been outside in FOR-EV-ER (wayyyyyyy too long!), it was time to pull out some new exciting things to play with the kids, especially at circle time. We've been doing lots of dancing/moving around songs with the nappers, and then once the older kids join us, we are having a blast with a kids' bowling set and parachute. When I was in grade school, the parachute was my absolute favorite gym class supplement, but we hardly ever got to use I use it TONS in the classroom or outside when I think of it. Now, as a teacher, I completely understand why we didn't get to use it much in grade school. ;) As much as the kids LOVE it, it really, really gets them wound up, so I've been having them sit down and use it, with a designated child to pick up the balloon or ball when it falls out.

My school's website is doing very well! I had an issue with incorporating a map into it, and eventually had to give up, much to my chagrin. The web developing program I'm using just isn't built for smart people like me who enjoy a challenge! ;)

I really miss having a camera! Seriously...we've had a beautiful snow, some unbelievable sunsets, I have been babysitting adorable babies, and my students just keep getting bigger and bigger-- killing me, I tell ya. So, I did some research yesterday and ended up ordering almost the same camera as my previous one- partly because of the familiarity of it, but also because it was highly recommended. I mean, there is no *perfect* camera (at least in my price range!) but I am excited to see what memories the new camera will help me capture. I'm so thankful it held off dying until after Christmas break, too. That would have been awful!

Now for the kidisms...

Lilahbelle came to school with lipstick (or something equally as red!) smeared haphazardly across her lips and lower face. She already has beautiful blue eyes, but apparently thought that wasn't enough, for on this day she commented, "Are my eyes the bluest EVER?"

The same precious child was sitting beside me at circle one lunch time, continually raking her fingers through her hair, over and over. Hair was falling all over me, herself and the floor, so I finally asked her what she was doing. She announced, "I'm cutting out some of my hair!" Of course, of course. How could I miss that?

Daley, one of our spunky, beloved napper child, has transitioned to an afternoon class, leaving us heartbroken. Don't worry though, we are still treated to her antics at lunch and from 3-6p. Around Christmastime, we were making clay ornaments and were asking the kids who they were making theirs for. We had the usual answers (Mom, Dad, bro, sis) and then came Daley, who announced, with an adorable, blushed look, "Abastian!" When we quizzed her further about the mysterious Abastian, we discovered that he is in fact her boyfriend. Seriously, though, her was like young love. She's 4!

Another Daley-tale. She visited the Middle East during Christmas time and came back, overflowing with stories about camels, Santa, sand hills, and stupid idiots. Oh yes, she had to share the story of the stupid idiot to our entire class, and we had no time to stop her! Apparently her older brother got into a fight with another child over in the ME (?) and her mother, in front both of the kids (ages 7 and 4) proclaimed in a fit of rage that the other boy was a "stupid idiot"...this same mother is the one who told her daughter she will not be allowed to drink chocolate milk after age 5 (nice birthday present, huh?), that if their plane crashed while flying to the Middle East, "oh, we'll just all die!", is having her daughter's belly button surgically fixed, and announced to Daley that on her 5th birthday her teeth will be falling out. Come March, Daley is going to be expecting quite a few things!

I was babysitting three children I'd never met before last night, and the middle child had a few questions for me. "Can I sleep at your house?", "Do you have food at your house?", "How old are you?", "Do you have kids?", etc. The kicker was, when I told her I am 23, she stated, "You don't really look that old!"

Oh, sometimes I love teaching kids who only know how to tell the truth!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. When my daughter was little she went to a Montessori school, which I LOVED! I also taught preschool many years ago and your stories are bringing back "what kid's say" memories. Enjoy the last bit of your break!

  2. @ JAM: You're welcome! I will enjoy these last few hours-- a crazy week is almost here yet again!

  3. Just found your blog from Sharon, kids are so funny sometimes!


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