Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Kidisms

I have the gut feeling this week may need some why not start from the top?

Alessandra (to me): You are my bestest teacher in the whole world!


We sang "Happy Birthday" to Rian, who turned four earlier this week. Actually, he got TWO birthdays in our classroom because we mistakenly thought Tuesday was his birthday...whoops. Anyway, as we were singing during snack circle on his real birthday, he just sat in my lap and BEAMED as much as a brand-new four year old can! It was so cute!


Lilahbelle: Do I look SO big today? (She had been wearing jeans the day before that made her look super tall)
Me: Yes, you absolutely do!
Lilahbelle: You look tiny to me!
Cara, overhearing the conversation: That's because Ms. ***** has been working out so much on her trampoline!!!


Cara, to Maxwell, a 5 year old who is kinda "out there": Maxwell, stop licking the bottom of your shoes!!

Later in the same day, me, speaking again to Maxwell: Maxwell, stop chewing on your shoelaces!

And even later, me again to Maxwell: Maxwell, take your straw out of your granola yogurt!


  1. Ha ha! Maxwell sounds like he will grow up to be a real character!

    Cara must have noticed how your trampoline work is making you look great! Woo-hoo!

  2. I have a 4 year old... they say the cutest things don't they? (most of the time)
    Thanks for popping by today! Great blog!

    Maxwell sounds like my son at that age...he has outgrown the shoe licking thing

  3. LOL
    Maxwell sounds funny...aww, working out on your trampoline, at least someone's noticing!
    Too cute, I could totally see myself as a teacher someday.


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