Monday, January 19, 2009

Phone Calls

I typically talk to my mom about once a week, give or take a few days. I came back to Big City on the 4th and haven't spoken to her for more than a minute since then. I had to find out from my aunt that my family is going to DC this week...I had no clue. I will catch one or two of my siblings online and chat for a few minutes, so at least I know everyone is alive but I feel so badly. I really need to make an effort to call her sometime this week!

Do you talk to your parents/siblings very much?


  1. I'm delinquent in this area, too. Just today I was thinking about how I've been enjoying being in contact with them (since we're living here now) and how I want to do better at communication once we go back to AZ.

  2. I love your blog look! :)
    I talk to my sister just about every day. We talk about anything & everything.

    My mom and I talk a few times a week, usually. I call them often when I am bored or want to procrastinate.


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