Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Roommate

Something I plan on working on a lot in 2009 is my attitude towards my roommate. Yes, I have issues with her and the way she handles finances, and medicine/hospitals, and Christianity, and her boy. However, a year ago, we had not even met. She JUST turned 21. She's young. She's naive...probably more so than I was at her age, what with her being handed everything in life. Still, I am stuck here with her until May or August, depending on where my summer job hunt lands me. As much as I would love to find a nanny job far, far away, the reality is that part of me wants to stay here as well, to continue to grow roots in this darn city that everyone is now moving away from. And so, one of my jobs for now is to nice to her, to accept her for who she is, and moreover, pray for her. More on her wackiness later. Oh, the stories!


  1. I'm sure it is hard living with someone. I'm married and it's hard enough living with him and my children! :-)

  2. Good Luck, Bethany. I know how hard it can be with a roommate. I respect you for trying so hard.

    Does she read your blog?

  3. Thanks Bethany for stopping by my blog. I love meeting new people and friends in the bloggy world. It is so hard living with someone else. I remember room-mate days. I don't keep in touch with any of them. Infact, one was a high school friend and we ended up with boyfriends that hated each other, needless to say, we aren't friends anymore.

  4. @ Cathy- Yep...sadly, I can't afford to live alone. I wish 1BR apts were not so expensive!

    @ Sharon- least not that I know of. If she does I would need to do some serious damage control.

    @ just 5- That's pretty much what happened here, except we were fairly new friends. We got along SO well. Not anymore.

  5. Roommates are hard to have. I think the only roommate I've ever liked is my husband. Good luck.


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