Wednesday, January 07, 2009

School Life

We've been back at school for three days now, and it's almost like we never left. It took all three days before I saw each of my co-workers- even though there are only 12 of us working together, I rarely see all of them on a single day. I didn't even mutter a "Happy New Year!" to two of my favorite co-workers until today, but thankfully when we ran into each other in the hallway, we each had a few minutes to spare and catch up. I keep in touch with one of them through Facebook pretty regularly, but the other has no internet so school is our "stay-in-touch lifeline". :)

As usual, the kids are always saying crazy things, but before I leave you with those, I have two parent stories to share. Now, most of our students' parents are awesome, extremely nice, and have a good head on their shoulders.


I introduce to you, Mom #1. Mom, whose partner happens to be "Mommy" (as in, one is Mom and one is Mommy and I couldn't tell you which is which if my life depended on it) is LOUD. She is unorganized, frumpy, and seems to have no normal tone of voice. Mom/my just came into my school world yesterday for the first time, to pick up her son, who is currently in our care beginning this week. Son is 4, this is his second year at the school and he is an adorable, well-mannered, happy child with the most stunning eyes.

Son has not EVER had a BM at our school. In his year and a half at our school. EVER. Until yesterday. And apparently, Mom/my is the one who, well, wipes. Always. Until yesterday.

Due to state law, we are not allowed to assist a child with cleanup in that area for obvious reasons, especially since they have to be potty trained before coming to our school. Well, poor little boy spent about a half hour in the bathroom, freaking out, even though all we were asking him to do is try. I tried talking to him, Cara tried, our boss tried, his morning teacher tried, all to no avail. Son was absolutely, 1000% convinced he COULD not do it.

So, he ended up not. And yours truly had to talk to Mom/my about the incident, suggesting that maybe it's something they could work on at home (so that every time it happens at school we don't have a freakout...). Her reply, loud enough for the entire school to hear? "HE POOPED HERE? OHH NO!! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT, SON? HMMM WELL OHHHH KAY, THANKS WE'LL HAVE TO DECIDE WHAT TO DO." Poor child.

And with that, I present Dad #1. Totally NOT Dad of the Year, at least in my book. Tell me if this is mean.

This dad comes to pick up his son and daughter about 3x a week. His kids kinda complain about him and prefer to have Mom pick up, now I know why. Yesterday, he came in, super early for his normal pickup and exclaimed to the kids, "C'mon, guys we gotta get moving! We have a party to go to!"

His son and daugher, of course, were sooo excited and hurried out the door anxious to get to the party, where surely good friends and food awaited!!!


Today, we asked his son how the party last night was... son's response?

"Oh, (sounding sad) there was no party. Dad was kidding us."

WHAT?!?!! And seriously, now, you wonder why they prefer that Mom pick up? Maybe perhaps because she doesn't lie, whatcha think about that?

Rian is a 4 year old Chinese cutie. His mouth & mind move at an amazing speed and he's quick with witty comebacks. Out of all the kids, he probably provides us with the most "kidisms" per day. Haha...

Me: Rian, you may not hit your friends with books! You need to think about your choices...
Rian: I don't want to think! I want to throw the thinking away!!!
Rian, sad and missing his mommy: When I cry the tears, they are tired tears. (Lucky for him, it was almost naptime!)
Rian: Can I do this, or no? (500x a day!)
Rian, after slamming his mouth/lip/nose on a table because he was running in our classroom, resulting in a nasty blood incident and a huge fat lip, poor guy: I ran fast because Chinese people run FAST!!
Me: Hey Zach, did you get to see Galen over Christmas break? Did you guys have a sleepover or something?
Zach: (not in an excited tone at all, deadpan) You got it, pretty much.
Jack: I'm mad at Santa!
Me: What? Why are you mad at Santa?
Jack: Santa didn't bring me what I wanted, because I am a bad boy, I punch Luthy (Lucy) every morning and I'm a bad boy and made sad choices and so Santa didn't bring me a computer!!
(BTW, he's 4, his parents did NOT bring the whole "bad boy" aspect in, he totally did that himself before Christmas even...exceptional child, deadpan serious most of the time but Ohhh, so charming!!)

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  1. I like the new blog design!

    I would feel so sad to see parents acting that way towards their kids. The teasing about the party? Yeah, it's just teasing, but it's mean. Poor kids :(


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