Saturday, January 10, 2009


So, Mr. Weatherman said we'd get a huge snowstorm this weekend, set to begin last night and continue with heavy snow throughout all of Saturday. I started getting excited, since aside from babysitting Friday night I didn't have any set plans. I could drink hot cocoa, read a book curled on the couch, and watch the snow fall! I could go sledding, or skiing! I had two days that were going to be free and clear and I would have fun!!!

Um, no.

It snowed, heavily, for about 2 hours- yesterday afternoon, during naptime and afternoon pickup, to be exact...and then it stopped, resulting in, well, nothing. And hasn't started again since then, although we have gotten some ice.

So much for a snowy weekend! On the upside, I have gotten a lot of cleaning and organizing done today...boring!


  1. YOU are too productive on a snow day!! lol Quit making the rest of us look bad. ;)
    Good for you, though.

    I hear ya on the weather. STINKS. Nice for a short while, but a foot of snow is just too much.

  2. Dropping by from sits. Happy Sunday! Now I remember why I moved to California. LOL.

  3. @ Sharon: I can't believe you guys have so much snow! I guess we have about 6 or 7 inches's just been too cold to melt at all yet!

    @ Cupcake: Sometimes I wish I lived in Cali, lol. Both of the times I visited it was nice and warm. If only my family lived there ;)


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