Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tomorrow I head back to Big City.

Away from family,
lifelong friends,
lazy days,
the countryside,
the comfort of "home"

Back to crazy drivers,
city life
wild kiddos,
a job I love,
newer friends,
stores close enough to walk to,
awesome co-workers

and sadly, most of all, 
3 hours away from the emotional, slap happy 8 year old Rachael, 
who's had me wrapped around her finger since the day she was born.

Sometimes, just every once in awhile, 
I wish my parents' countryside home
was closer to Big City.


  1. I'm just stopping by from SITS to say hello and wish you a fabulous week.

  2. Over from SITS - Awww, you'll definitely be counting the days to your next visit, won't you? :)

  3. @ AndreaLeigh: Thanks so much for stopping by!

    @ Stacy: Oh, definitely! Painting my sisters' rooms may be on the horizon ;)

    @ Yaya: It will be okay! It's just hard to get back into the groove, I think :)


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