Monday, February 16, 2009

4 Hours

Four hours can drag on forever, or fly by.

Today I drove to another Big City with Aniya. I hadn't really seen or talked to her recently, so I was eager for the drive together. What's better than FOUR hours to talk and laugh with an old co-teacher? Aniya and I got along very well when we taught together, but we're even closer now. We discussed our jobs (hers gets a thumb down, mine up), relationships (swap those thumbs), the lottery, vacations we'd like to take, her schooling, my roommate, how we both ended up working at school in the classroom we shared, desserts we've made recently but failed to share with each other... it was just a wonderful time to reconnect with each other. As she was leaving my car, she said "I'll call you next week"...I asked why, she gave me a strange look, shook her head and replied, "It's your birthday...maybe we can celebrate! We have to make up for January and February's non-existant bar trips!" 

GROAN... but being with friends always makes me feel better :)

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  1. Long trips provide such a wonderful opportunity to catch up, don't they? :)


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