Thursday, February 05, 2009

Any suggestions?

We have a 4 year old boy at school who is VERY mouthy/attitude-ish to myself and my co-workers. During naptime, he purposely makes strange noises and irritates the other children. We've tried making a signed agreement with him (after 45 minutes on your cot, he can read a book/magazine from home), keeping him out of the classroom until the others are calmer and then bringing him in, he has to work alone if he is disruptive during naptime...nothing, absolutely nothing phases him. Most of the things we've tried worked for a week or so, but that's it. If you ask him to go to a chair (like during circle), he says "I wanted to anyway" with a smirk. Some days, he spends the whole nap period in the office and he's fine with that- but we can't do that every day. 

Anyway, basically he's just DONE being a napper, but since there are no openings in our afternoon classes my co-teacher and I are meeting with my boss tomorrow morning to try and come up with a plan of what to do/how to help him. He KNOWS that he's snarky, and he doesn't care. His mom does get a daily update of how nap goes, but other than taking away tv (again, he doesn't care) I'm not sure what they are doing. Any suggestions????????

Sigh...this is the NOT so fun part of teaching!  ;)


  1. How frustrating. Well, he should definitely be punished, not rewarded for misbehaving, but if nothing bothers him... hmmm. I guess you have to do some detective work to see what he can't live without. That sounds awful! ;)

  2. Yea...we ended up talking to his morning teacher, she talked to our boss, we talked to our boss, then my co-teacher, my boss and I talked to little man. As of now, we've had three GREAT days with him. The deal is that as soon as he is disrespectful, he leaves our room because it's just not tolerated. He's doing wonderfully, and we are also working hard on praising him when we see him do positive things :)

  3. Oh I am so glad to read that things have improved!
    You know, my first thought was his diet. If my Aidan has those "fruit snacks", he is bouncing off the walls insane. Things w/ the red dye in them really trigger that type of behavior in him. I wonder if this boy's mother monitors his diet in a strict sense...

    Either way, I'm glad things are going better.


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