Friday, February 06, 2009


I've found that while I LOVE facebook (not to mention that I'm completely addicted to the thing)...sometimes I have issues. 

Hear me out. (or not.)

I'm "friends" on facebook with lots of people from college, a few from grade school, friends I've made since moving to Big City...and my co-teacher and co-worker. Don't get me wrong, I love working with them both, along with everyone else at my school. I enjoy visiting with them at school. 


sometimes I just need to vent about a work event, but either they don't know about it (and shouldn't) or I don't really want to lay it out on Facebook. We all comment on each other's statuses and walls and I just feel weird mentioning work on facebook. 

Most stupid post EVER, I are you friends with your boss/co-workers on facebook? Ever talk about work stuff?


  1. Almost everyone I know is "friends" on facebook with their boss. I find it really creepy, and am sooo grateful that no one at my work has ever friended me!

  2. Bethany, this is not a stupid post, but a very legitimate concern, considering facebook's popularity!

    I have decided not to friend workmates or tell them about my blog, for this reason. It would be too awkward.

  3. everyone in my life knows about my blog, so i am used to needing to be careful about what i say and don't say. i will say as time has gone on i care less and less... as for facebook, same thing applies!

  4. Not a stupid post at all. Believe it or not..I have some friends and family that I wish I could vent in front of on my MySpace page. I avoid doing it when I really want to.

    Do they know about your blog? Only a few know about mine because this is the place where I want to be able to vent at.

  5. Megan- Yea, I can't imagine being friends on facebook with my boss. She barely uses email though, so I'm safe!

    Kilax- makes sense. I'm usually okay with being friends w/ my coworkers it's just every once in a while when I'm like...arghh I want to vent about

    Rachael- Totally agree! I was looking through my "friends" on facebook last night and was realizing that some of them might be offended by things I've said...but oh well!

    Jodi- nope, no one at work knows about the blog...only a few people in my "real life" know as well.


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