Sunday, February 22, 2009

Me: Flair

I'm glad you all enjoyed my candles! :) I've spent most of the weekend making more candles for friends and work. I used some of the amaretto scent and ohhh it smelled so good!
Anyway, I decided to do something kind of fun on here...introduce you to me, according to (facebook) flair!

I was:

As a child, I enjoyed:

I've never experienced this:

I spent a semester in the Alps, but not with this animal:

My job:

I love:

I once had this theme for my birthday party:

One of my favorite television shows:

As an adult, I crave:

My style of humor:

My favorite animal:

I truly believe:


  1. I love that the sweet tea craving can be traced to...wait...ME!


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