Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The past week has been incredibly crazy and off kilter- a death in the family, two snow days, a long drive to New York, a missed day of work, a wake, a funeral, a bit of sightseeing, spending time with extended family, and a 15 hour day full of life of the road. I finally arrived back in Big City at 2 am Monday and last night had a meeting with a potential summer job family. I'll let you know once I know more, but I feel like it went pretty well.

Onward-- some snapshots of my past week! There are a ton because I just got a new camera...sorry!! ;)


  1. Wow! What beautiful pictures! Living in Soluth Carolina, I can't even imagine functioning in that amount of snow.

  2. OMG! Those pictures are GORGEOUS. I love the one of the church with the icicles on it and the one under it. They are all gorgeous, but those two are my favorite.

    By the way..thank you SO much for visiting my blog. It is always nice to make new bloggy friends. My toe is doing somewhat better thanks.

    Also - thank you SO much for telling me about Karen Kingsbury. No, I haven't heard of her but I just checked her out on Amazon and am THRILLED to see she has series books. She will be next on my list after Laura Jensen Walker. Thanks so much for telling me about her.

    Yes, Erynn is awesome. I messed up..her new series is coming out in the fall. The new character is Maya Davis and the first book will be called "Cool Beans". Maya is a barista in an espresso bar. Guess keeping with the coffee addicted theme. LOL! "Laurie" is SO much like me..she is addicted to coffee, chocolate and chick-flicks. Too funny! I'm going to miss the series when I'm done. I've been taking my time reading "Match Point" because I don't want it to end. I see where it is going with "Ryan" so I know I will be happy in the end. I've been rooting for him all along. Hehehe.

    Enjoy your evening. Keep taking those pictures they are beautiful!

  3. Okay, what is that in the last photo? Because it is amazing.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you get your wish one day. Having multiples is so wonderful! I feel truly blessed!

    I've never seen winter look as beautiful as it looks in all of your NY photographs!

    Have a great hump day. :)

  5. These are some beautiful pics. That is A LOT of snow. Around here 3 or 4 inches shuts down the city, ha...ha!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for ALL the comment LOVE! Your pictures are great...surely those are of NY and not Ohio. Can you believe it is ANOTHER snow day!! Our kids are now 2 days into the summer break...geeshs!

  7. I am sorry about the loss in your family :(

    I love the pics! What is the big block of ice? Is that part of the castle? What is that? And I love the ice skaters in the street! Craziness!!!

  8. Monica- Where I live, we get snow but nothing like that!! It was really neat to see :)

    Jodi- Glad you enjoy them. KK is an AWESOME writer, you will love her!

    Megan- the last photo is the ice castle in the Adirondacks- they have a winter carnival starting today or tomorrow and have been working on the castle for a few weeks- we just happened to be there when it was up! You can also check it out online--- http://www.adksearch.com/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

    Jaime- I'm so glad you stopped by and enjoyed the photos :)

    Mommy4Life- I know how you feel. I can't imagine living there!!

    Becky- Yep, those are NY not OH. We didn't get a snow day yesterday, luckky!!!!

    Kilax- Yep, all of the blocks are used for the ice castle! Isn't that cool?


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