Sunday, February 08, 2009

Summer jobs

I am trying SO hard not to get frustrated with my summer job search. I am hoping to find a summer nanny position to fill the time between school years, especially since I work at a small private school and don't get paid through the summer. I have been posting on Craigslist a few times a week. I have looked through and emailed a lot of people from Craigslist- the majority I never hear back from, which irks me- at least send a "Thank you but you don't fit what we are looking for/we found someone". Seriously. 

I'm also on about 6 babysitting/nanny websites. I've had two phone interviews, two separate in-person interviews (4 families). I feel like the in-person interviews went well, but both families are not making any decisions until they search a bit more. I guess that's okay and while the realistic side of me says, "You know you want to keep looking just a little longer to make sure you have the best fit possible" the neurotic side of me is yelling, "You are just not good enough for them, if you were they would offer you the job right away!!!" 

Anyway, yep, that's my life right now. Fun, isn't it?


  1. I'm sorry that you are having trouble finding summer work. This economy is just terrible. Hopefully something will work out for you really soon. Maybe once the spring is here people will put more ads out?

  2. Jodi- I'm hoping so. I do know that in past years there have definitely been more jobs available/in the open postings at this time of year...but I'll find something :)

  3. I'm sorry. I know that is so incredibly frustrating. Having just moved (& not knowing any families, etc), my summer job between graduation and my 1st teaching job was at WALGREENS. Not a blast, nothing impressive. It was easy enough and brought in *some* money, but not worth it.
    I'll say a prayer that you find something that will suit you well.


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