Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Due to the presence of ants in our school these last few days, my boss requested that we switch from our handy, battery-operated Sharky vacuum to the school's hefty commercial grade one. No problem, except the thing weighs 30 lbs and is older than me. I swear. 

As the kids walked through my classroom to head to their afternoon classes, one of them piped up, 

"Hey! Did you get a new vacuum?!! COOL!!!!"

Yep, kiddo...that's a new vacuum, all right. If it's 1960. ;)

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Monday!!

Usually I'm not so much a fan of Mondays, but I'm loving this one! 

Spring break is over and it's back to work I go...thank goodness. I am soooo ready to get back to the kids, the routine. I loved the first part of spring break and definitely relished it but it's time to go back. :)

Tonight after work I'm meeting my sisters halfway for dinner. Amata has many, many stories to tell about the boy, so it should be interesting. 

Have a great Monday!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Thanks for all the prayers, ladies. I'm doing better today...

I was hoping the message at church would speak about relationships, but no such luck, lol! ;) 

In my heart, I know there is (probably) someone out there for me, but my mind (and my younger sisters!) likes to play tricks on me. Today I received a text from my sister Amata, informing me that some guy at college asked her out on a date. Sadly, my first reaction was not a "Oh wow that's awesome!" but rather a "What??!?! How not fair?!" My sister is almost 21, a social butterfly and is asked out on dates far more than I ever am. Still, I'll come around. 

Why is it, though, that I feel like I'd be happier in a relationship? All my life, I've wanted to be a mom. Yea, I know I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again. But really, that's where I am right now. I love my job, don't get me wrong, but I want to be done with the business world. I want to be home with my kids, have wanted that ever since I was a tiny girl.  As I explained to Aniya earlier this week, even if I need to care for someone else's child/ren a part/full time in order to stay at home, that's fine. I LOVE taking a passel of kids to the library, the park, zoo, museums, kids concerts, doing crafts with them...it's my passion, really. 

SAHMs, consider yourself blessed, even when you have a rough day!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Blahs

I have lots of more exciting things to post about, like a trip I took Thursday, fun times with friends Friday...but right now...

I just need a hug :(

I am having a rough day. I've been feeling in a rut w/ God lately, especially regarding relationships (like in the fact that I'm 24 and I've never been in one, yes I'm a loser) and I'm just feeling really sad and down. Just needed to get it out, like I do every month or two.

I'll be back, happier I'm sure, tomorrow. Everybody can have a downer day, right?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

Yesterday I hit the road before 8 am. It was POURING and just so depressing, so I stopped by Sbux for a vanilla bean frap, compliments of Cara (she works at Sbux!)
I spent the morning hanging out with my secretary Jane from school. We met up with a co-worker of ours, Jean and had a delicious Amish-style breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, oj...it was SO good.

After breakfast, we met up at Jane's house to work on some fun Stampin' Up First Communion invitations. We worked on them for close to three hours without a break and came out with fifteen fabulous-looking cards. I wish I'd taken a picture...

By the time I finally got home, it was after 3. Soon after walking in the door, Hope texted me to see if I wanted to go to a movie with her. I'd already told Aniya I'd hit a $3 Wednesday burger place with her (taking advantage of being able to go EARLY, since usually I can't get there until after 6 and the place gets way too packed) and I was also supposed to hang out with Shayna and Lyn...it was too many people to hang out with at separate times and places throughout the night!

I ended up rescheduling the Shayna and Lyn get together for Friday evening-- that should be fun! :)

Aniya and I arrived at Delish Burgers close to 4:30 and ohhh my gosh, it was so good! I got a garlic burger (covered in a garlic sauce which just makes it better!) and Aniya picked a Blackened Pepper burger (or something like that...) We spent the next hour and a half chowing down and chatting non-stop. Amazing since we've been together quite a lot this week, lol!

On our way back to the car, we impulsively decided to stop in the candy store...

I picked up some Fizzix, since Aniya had never tried them before.
She decided on some malt balls and chocolate covered coffee beans, which I so called. Guess we know each other pretty well ;)

We hopped into the car, stuck a Fizzix in our mouths (cherry for me, lemon for her) and sat there for a minute. I bit into mine, and all the sudden heard "OHMYGOSH!" and a burst of laughter...haha. Aniya liked the Fizzix anyways!

Soon after arriving home, I headed out again, this time to pick up Hope. We headed to a huge shopping center and saw a movie, which was ridockulous. No, not a mis-spelling, just a reminder that I need to use that word at school. The movie wasn't that great, but we had a good time talking about guys (the lack of them!), school, how our break has been going, etc.

By the time I got home, it was late and I was beat...it was a long day, but such a good one, even though it started out with miserable weather!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Before I begin, I have something to confess.

I love spring.
Like LOVE LOVE spring! It's my all-time favorite season, for good reason. The smell of flowers, fresh grass growing, tree buds turning green, warmer weather, flip flops, refreshing spring rains, squirrels around the complex, happier people, Easter...what's not to love?!

So, now that I have that out of the way, I spent most of yesterday outside, just enjoying spring in another Big City. I traveled with Aniya again to catch up (we've been doing a LOT of that lately!)
I spent a little time in a small town, where they have these cool squirrels...

Since I still had a few minutes to kill, I headed to the cemetery where a few weeks back, I found a really cool chapel. This week, lots of flowers were in bloom and it was so relaxing!


Yesterday during my travels, I spent some time in one of my favorite little towns close to a city I hope to move to in the next year or two...these guys are probably 3-4 feet tall and I know I haven't seen all of them yet!

This one is near an optometrist's shop...how cool is that?

Near the fire station...

The first time I drove through this little town (totally by accident, too!) I saw the first squirrel and thought "Aw, how cute!"...and then I saw another...and another! I want to move to this little town, but until then I have real squirrels to keep me entertained as well :-)

I got an award!!

One of my IRL (well, we met online...) friends Lora presented me with this award like..um. A MONTH AGO?!! I was so thankful and just never had the time to post about it until now. Thank you, Lora!! I really appreciate your friendship and so enjoy reading your blog, too. You're an inspiration to me :-)

Here are the rules:
Here are the rules: “These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

My 8:
1. Sharon at The Bird's Nest
2. Kim at Ilax Studio
3. Megan at The Best of Fates
4. Donna at Moments Like These
5. Rachael at Schirano Triplets
7. JMom at Lots of Scotts
8. Jocelyn at The Boy Who Found Me

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Shopping

I woke up early this morning (considering it is Sunday and I'm on spring break, that is!) 8am is early in my book, bordering on semi-normal times to wake up. ;)

Anyways, I hit an early church service, stopped in to see my co-worker Hope at her 2nd job, chatted with her for a while and then jetted off to a huge shopping center nearby. I went to TJ Maxx, Buckle, Auntie Anne's, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Macy's, The Container Store, Goodwill, Old Time Pottery, and Wal-Mart. I was shopping from 11 until 3:30ish...super duper long for me, since I'm SO NOT a shopper. As an upside, I had gift cards that covered most of the things I bought, so that was cool!

I ended up with a pair of flip flops, two candles, multiple picture frames, an assortment of photos and paintings/wallhangings from Goodwill, a kitchen pan, towels, measuring cup... below are a few pictures of the additions I made!

Decorations on the living room wall

Close ups

Other side of the living room

What you see when you walk in the door...

Heading down the hall...random pictures on the wall...

Kitchen/dining area (yes, I need a table...)

I think it's coming along...it's certainly no designer home, but there are pictures that remind me of places/people I love and that's what is most important to me :)

After the decorating was complete (for the day anyway) Aniya and I took an hour-long walk around the neighborhoods surrounding our apartment complex. It was beautiful here today, in the 60s and sunny! I also finished another book, Soldier for Keeps by Jillian Hart- I really enjoyed it...

Hope you had a great Sunday-- the sunnier, warmer weather is definitely something I'm loving!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 1: Rest Up!

Today is the first full day of spring break, and I haven't done much at all. I was out late last night babysitting Chaser, so slept in until about 10. I'm just lounging around, catching up on my reading...

Today I read "To Love A Gentle Stranger" by Carole Gift Page. I loved it, although it made me cry at the end! I read the entire thing in just a few hours-- fast, easy and enjoyable read. 

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Saturday! As much as I'm enjoying the downtime, I look forward to a busy Sunday!!      :-)

Mean Teacher

Last year, when I worked with Aniya, she was the "lead teacher" and I was the nicer, though ironically the less respected one when it came to the kiddos. I distinctly remember one day in early spring, when I asked a student to sit down & finish his lunch, in a particularly harsh tone. I was irritated by the child, though I can't tell you today who it was or what he/she was doing that was irritating. 

After I spoke to the child, Aniya jokingly said to me "Ohh...you're a mean teacher!"  I laughed with her at the concept...because really? As if!

Fast forward a year-- even less, probably. Aniya came to visit at school a few weeks ago, I berated a child for doing something completely unsafe at lunchtime (standing on a chair, I think). And she applauded me for it-- "Good job, Miss S..." 

This year, I AM the mean teacher. 

Case in point. 

Yesterday at lunch, a boy I'll call Ben was complaining to me that he couldn't possibly eat his hard boiled egg because it had broken in half. Seriously? Eat it, boy. Take a fork and eat it...it will taste the same. So, I told him so-- "Ben, you still need to eat your egg before you can clean up your lunch. It will taste fine."

Two seconds later, he tried to turn around and ask Cara if he could pack up, egg uneaten. I pounced on him...cause not much gets past me at lunch time!

Then there was Alex, another boy (our lunchroom is about 75% Kinder boys!!!) who squirted his juice box all over the classroom. Guess which lucky teacher watched that happen and had him sit in a chair for a while due to his not-so-good choice, even though he burst into tears after trying to convince me he "didn't know there was any juice in there!"

Daley, eating with her friends, gabbing away and not eating...got moved to a one person table by mwah. Yes, this is all in the same day, and by the end of the day I felt like the meanest teacher ever. Who woulda thought!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I arrived at Chaser's house tonight, eager to see my big guy. He's 6 months old now, a chunker-- sitting up and has two bottom teeth. I hadn't seen him in close to a month, so while it was late evening, I was secretly hoping he'd want to stay up just a little late to play with me. 

What I wasn't expecting was the pure JOY I saw on his face when he saw me!! Aww... That huge almost toothless smile, just inviting me to cuddle him :)

We spent the next hour laughing together when I tickled him; he showed me his new tricks- sitting up, attempting to scoot across the floor to me... how better to begin my spring break, seriously?! 


Oh I was SO glad to see Friday roll around! Of course, I always am, but especially this week because we have spring break next week! I'm kicking off the well-needed break by babysitting tonight, but don't have many concrete plans for the next 9 or so days. Some things I may do...

- hit a few stores I have gift cards for, to find things for the apartment
- go to my parents' house for a weekend
- have dinner with my secretary and a coworker
- help my coworker Hope paint her house
- head to another Big City for a few day trips
- clean, do laundry
- catch up on blogging/reading blogs
- hit the park a few times, if the weather cooperates
- catch up on sleep

So while I'm sure I have enough to keep me busy, I'm excited to see what the next 9 days hold! 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Consuming my week

I had planned to blog a lot this week, but that hasn't happened! As usual, other things have consumed my time...

- I subbed Tuesday and will tomorrow as well, which makes me appreciate my mornings!
- Afternoons spent in the warm sunshine at school, so much so that I actually got a bit of a sunburn- in MARCH
- bills, not fun
- thought I was going to have to shut off my internet, and may have to in a month or so :(
- keeping this place clean
- organizing lots of papers, a work in progress!
- wii fitness, whew it gets me worked up!
- Hiking at a nearby park after work, since it doesn't get dark until 7:30ish, which I LOVE!
- reading-- I got a ton of books for spring break (next week) and I'm trying to cut down on internet time anyway...
- Prison Break...Aniya got me hooked. So far, I'm only 12 episodes in, but I'm enjoying it. It's the type of show you have to actually pay attention to though, which makes it tough for me to watch since I'm always doing a million things!

How has this lovely spring week been for you??