Friday, March 13, 2009

Alone and Okay

I know that most of you who regularly read here (all two of you, woohoo!! lol) know what happened already, but for those of you who don't...

this post, and the drama that has been my life as of late is OVER.

Roommates (aka Mac, and her live in boy Cheese) have moved on and moved out!

I won't bore you with the drama, which really started in September due to Cheese being in our apartment ALL the time, as in he slept over, was here all day, etc. He was here more than I was, and as soon as I tried to talk to Mac about it, she shut down. Almost immediately, our friendship was over and they were never I'd be covering her bills for months on end. 

So, after she chose a random day to text me, saying she wanted to "fix things" (umm...a few months too late for that, girlie!) When she didn't like what I had to say, she turned the entire situation back on me, and it was extremely stressful. 

So, a few days later after praying about it, talking to my parents, and just soooo tired of the stress and emotional damage the whole situation was causing, I gave her an out and offered to take over her lease. It's going to be extremely tight around here for the next few months, and there goes my entire tax refund, but I believe it was the right decision to make. 

I'm still adjusting the apartment around. I no longer have a kitchen table or big TV in the living room. I don't own an extra bed to fill the space next to my room; the second bathroom has no shower curtain or soap dish...but it's okay. I have my feelers out for people spring cleaning at work, I'll hit garage sales...and I'll make  it through.


  1. It'll be so much better in the long run. You'll have your sanity and peace of mind back. Your home will be your own once again!

  2. You sound so peaceful about your decision, and I am happy for you.

    I agree-sounds like the right decision.
    I wish I could help or offer you some stuff.
    If there is anything specific, let me never know!


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