Friday, March 13, 2009

Coming Back

That's my old self celebrating my birthday at Mom & Dad' year I can't even have cupcakes because I'll be too old! LOL ;)

I feel like life has been a roller coaster over the past couple weeks and I haven't had time to breathe, think, or cry when needed...just had to keep plugging along. As of now, I have nothing planned after 11pm tonight and am looking forward to a relaxing, quiet weekend. I definitely need it!

After a 50+ hour work week at the end of February, in addition to a 4 am airport run to drop off one of my co-workers, an eye appointment where they dilated my eyes, babysitting three children for a morning when they had a late start, opening my school for the first time (scary, it's sooo different when it's dead quiet at 6 am instead of 6 pm!), and roommate drama, I was ready for a break but that wasn't about to happen!

More updating later...I  have to go to work and then babysit. I will say though...that the big piece of news I spoke about here has to do with THIS and no, it's not mine.

even though most of you who know me already know... ;)


  1. I love the new site look!

  2. Hi.
    Stopping by through SITS to say hello!

  3. I don't know :(

    I hope things settle down for you soon!

  4. Whew, you've had a lot going on lately, I know!

    I love the St Patty's theme!

  5. LOVE the blog look, too. So festive! :)
    I hope a leprechaun brings some good luck your way SOON. (corny, I know. couldn't resist)

    I like the picture, too. Good one.

    I really think we should arrange a meet up this summer.


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