Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day of Adventure

I took a personal day this past week. In the midst of everything else going on, it would have been wonderful to spend the time re-organizing my apartment, but that wasn't in the plans.

My maternal grandfather took a bad fall about ten days ago. He'll turn 80 this year, in generally good healthy, probably due to being an avid runner in his earlier years. He ended up with a broken hand, a contusion and some super-nasty bruises on his face.

Since the majority of my extended family lives scattered across the States and I live only two hours from Grandpa, I offered to take a day to go down and check up on him. So, that's what I did! I let him know I was coming with my old co-teacher Aniya, so we got into town around 4 pm after stopping at Panera to pick up some chai lattes and chocolate elairs...omg so good!

I headed to my great-uncle's house where Grandpa's been staying and spent an hour visiting with the two of them before they jetted off to dinner with a friend. Overall, he's really doing well, just quite bruised up.

Since I had two and a half hours before Aniya needed to be picked up, I decided to head over the river to Kentucky and explore a bit. I love randomly driving through small towns and back roads, even when I have no idea where I am. It's called adventure for a small-town working girl! =)

I also hit Mt. Adams found a few tracings of spring... YAY

I found a cemetery and meandered through, watching intently as a squirrel scurried up a tree, branch by branch. Those guys are hard to take pictures of because they are so fast!

In the same cemetery, the chapel looked like it belonged in an October horror video, but in a cool castle-like way!

From Mt. Adams, I watched a group practicing wall climbing, which was pretty cool...
It was a nice day off... relaxing, plenty of time to catch up with family and friends, and to explore my new favorite city. I may move there in the near future...


  1. I LOVE that chapel...though all the photos are awesome!

  2. I love the photos! I would have enjoyed a trip like that, as well.
    We drive past much of that (I think) when we head to SC. Kentucky has some beautiful parts, though I can't really see myself living there.

    Did you deliberately go to the cemetery, or just end up there?

  3. you would be 3.hours.away if you moved there. just sayin.

  4. Those are some SWEET pictures. That castle is to die for - and the last one? With the moon hanging over the branch? Definition of cool-ness.


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