Friday, March 20, 2009


I arrived at Chaser's house tonight, eager to see my big guy. He's 6 months old now, a chunker-- sitting up and has two bottom teeth. I hadn't seen him in close to a month, so while it was late evening, I was secretly hoping he'd want to stay up just a little late to play with me. 

What I wasn't expecting was the pure JOY I saw on his face when he saw me!! Aww... That huge almost toothless smile, just inviting me to cuddle him :)

We spent the next hour laughing together when I tickled him; he showed me his new tricks- sitting up, attempting to scoot across the floor to me... how better to begin my spring break, seriously?! 


  1. There is absolutely nothing better than a child's love. That big, sloppy grin? My kids can still thrill me with it, though they are hardly babies anymore.

  2. So sweet!! I'll bet kids just love you. :)


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