Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mean Teacher

Last year, when I worked with Aniya, she was the "lead teacher" and I was the nicer, though ironically the less respected one when it came to the kiddos. I distinctly remember one day in early spring, when I asked a student to sit down & finish his lunch, in a particularly harsh tone. I was irritated by the child, though I can't tell you today who it was or what he/she was doing that was irritating. 

After I spoke to the child, Aniya jokingly said to me "'re a mean teacher!"  I laughed with her at the concept...because really? As if!

Fast forward a year-- even less, probably. Aniya came to visit at school a few weeks ago, I berated a child for doing something completely unsafe at lunchtime (standing on a chair, I think). And she applauded me for it-- "Good job, Miss S..." 

This year, I AM the mean teacher. 

Case in point. 

Yesterday at lunch, a boy I'll call Ben was complaining to me that he couldn't possibly eat his hard boiled egg because it had broken in half. Seriously? Eat it, boy. Take a fork and eat will taste the same. So, I told him so-- "Ben, you still need to eat your egg before you can clean up your lunch. It will taste fine."

Two seconds later, he tried to turn around and ask Cara if he could pack up, egg uneaten. I pounced on him...cause not much gets past me at lunch time!

Then there was Alex, another boy (our lunchroom is about 75% Kinder boys!!!) who squirted his juice box all over the classroom. Guess which lucky teacher watched that happen and had him sit in a chair for a while due to his not-so-good choice, even though he burst into tears after trying to convince me he "didn't know there was any juice in there!"

Daley, eating with her friends, gabbing away and not moved to a one person table by mwah. Yes, this is all in the same day, and by the end of the day I felt like the meanest teacher ever. Who woulda thought!

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  1. You're not mean! You're just doing your job! You have so much more patience than me ;)


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