Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yesterday during my travels, I spent some time in one of my favorite little towns close to a city I hope to move to in the next year or two...these guys are probably 3-4 feet tall and I know I haven't seen all of them yet!

This one is near an optometrist's shop...how cool is that?

Near the fire station...

The first time I drove through this little town (totally by accident, too!) I saw the first squirrel and thought "Aw, how cute!"...and then I saw another...and another! I want to move to this little town, but until then I have real squirrels to keep me entertained as well :-)


  1. Those are too cool! I love stuff like that - quirky and FUN!

    Have you seen the cows? I think they are in Kansas City...?

  2. very cool! We live in new construction and we hardly ever see squirels! I miss those cute little guys!


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