Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Due to the presence of ants in our school these last few days, my boss requested that we switch from our handy, battery-operated Sharky vacuum to the school's hefty commercial grade one. No problem, except the thing weighs 30 lbs and is older than me. I swear. 

As the kids walked through my classroom to head to their afternoon classes, one of them piped up, 

"Hey! Did you get a new vacuum?!! COOL!!!!"

Yep, kiddo...that's a new vacuum, all right. If it's 1960. ;)


  1. ANTS!!! I despise the conniving little pests!!

    They've taken residence in our home, and even Orkin has a tough time with them!!

    But the vacuum, yeah...old. Does it work?

  2. My mom had one of those...I think she got rid of it last year.


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