Monday, April 06, 2009

Another week

Sunrise in Poland, 2004

I can't believe it's Monday already. I'm not ready for another week! With Easter coming up Sunday, I'm guessing we will be low on kids come Thursday and Friday but they will all be HYPER!!

I had a low-key weekend. Read alot, which was nice...cleaned the apartment, did lots of laundry, had lunch with a friend after church Sunday. Nothing too exciting. 

Are you traveling for Easter? I won't be going anywhere. I will be visiting my parents the following three weekends and just can't afford a 4th, no matter how much I miss them right now! Plus, Easter is a blast with my parents. We always attend the Easter Vigil at my alma mater. The Mass usually goes until midnight or after, and then we party until 3-4 am on Easter Sunday, even my youngest sister! Last year I ended up in the dorms until 5 am talking to some of my old college friends...yea, this year won't compare at all. Oh, well!

Off to work, have a great Monday everyone!!!


  1. I am so happy you get to go to FUS for Easter! I will be there the following weekend for a friends wedding. Thanks for the movie opinions...we are considering Slumdog Millianare. I guess it also depends on our mood!
    Dominic is a teacher and he works at an awesome Catholic high school. They have all the fridays off until the end of the year plus this Easter break! Very cool.

  2. Why were you in Poland? I'm interested!

  3. We are staying in for Easter this year too. But that is because I never can find a way to enjoy the holiday. So I am just staying in. Your celebration sounds more fun!

  4. Beautiful shot. I'm staying home for Easter, but it will be quite an active week nonetheless.


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