Friday, April 10, 2009

Birkenau, Poland- 2004

It's been a busy day! I subbed, so I was completely on the go from about 7a-6p. Cara woke up this morning extremely sick, so she was sent home around 3:30-- hopefully she's resting up at home, because she looked miserable. :(

Work was quite enjoyable today. Kids who graduated from our school were there to visit, and subbing always gives me more of an opportunity to catch up with my co-workers. I succumbed to lots of teasing due to my secretary and I wearing matching coats and black pants/shoes. Hehe. 

We also had a bunch of students out due to traveling/birthdays/Easter so I was treated to a fairly quiet afternoon of dominoes, go fish, reading books, cleaning shelves, organizing work, and listening to Adam's new tall tale. Apparently, he has a brother named Brayden, 5 years old, who is invisible. Brayden lives behind Adam and stays home with Adam's mom...Adam has quite the imagination. ;)

Due to the lack of students, we only had FIVE for nap time. I spread them all out across the room, since we usually have double + 1 or 2 that for nap and the room gets crowded. After skipping into the kitchen, proclaiming my good news, I grabbed a piece of chocolate and suddenly my co-worker Cara (not co-teacher) proclaimed, "I hate you!".  I knew in my head she wasn't serious but just kind of stared blankly at her like, "WHAT?!" for a second before she backtracked and said, "No, I don't hate you- I love you! I hate that you're so low though!!" know, at least I have a good camaraderie going with the co-workers. I'm not looking forward to summer for that reason- I'll miss the girls!! Of course, my boss wandered in during the middle of this conversation, which was a little awkward. Haha.

I have lots of kidisms to share from the past week, plus some kiddo book reviews, but I'll post them tomorrow. It's too late to think! I have tomorrow to rest up, and then I'm going away on Sunday for Easter. My co-worker Hope invited me to her parents' house about two hours away, so we'll leave mid-morning and return in the evening. Hope actually has Monday off but since I'm subbing for her, we have have to get back fairly early. Oh, the irony...

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  1. Oh, I miss those days. I used to love naptime. SO peaceful....most of the time!

    When I was an administrator, if I was having a bad day I would go into the rooms and help. Always a good time!

    I'll just live vicariously through you now if that's okay!


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