Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Day in the Life of Bethany

Today was a fairly calm day, all things considered. Cara is out of town until Monday due to a death in the family :-( so I've had a few other teachers/my boss helping out in her absence. Today...

10:50a- I arrive at school
10:52-10:58- Get my lunchroom ready, amidst various children coming to get their coats on, grab lunch boxes, etc.
11:08-11:14- Children #1-8 enter my classroom, rowdily washing hands, hanging up coats, sitting down at circle. I begin to read a book to them.
11:15- Children #9-31 enter the classroom LOUDLY. A reminder message is given that they're supposed to enter quietly. Children 9-31 come sit at circle and book reading continues.
11:16- Child #11 is being disruptive, message is given to him to control his body.
11:17- Second message given to child #11. Child is asked to leave circle and sit in a chair.
11:17-11:20- Child #6 tells a long winded story about her favorite season (all of them)
11:20-11:22- I invite children to find spots for lunch. They all sit down and begin to eat.
11:23- Child #16 and his best friend, #23 fall off their chairs in laughter.
11:29- Child #20 finishes his lunch. Children #s 24 and 17 also conclude that they are done.
11:35- Child #11 makes his friend, #12, choke on food because he's doing the chicken dance. What sandwich?
11:39- Child #13 spills orange juice all over table. Her table partner, child #6 helps her spend the next 15 minutes "cleaning" it up.
11:40- find blinds by child #26 to be slanted. Quiz him on the reason. He wanted to make sure the blinds worked.
11:42- Child #2 pulls out her Easter egg, dyed and ready for her to eat. Since she thinks it's dessert (and who's going to tell her otherwise?!) she has eaten all of her lunch in order to have this "treat".
11:43- Child #25 wants to know how child #2 got an egg to be pink. Followed by a three minute presentation for him and three of his friends about Easter, eggs, dye colors, etc. by me. Child #25 still seems grossed out by a colored egg by the end.
11:45- Child #2 gags from eating too much of the pink egg.
11:47- Child #2 again gags on pink egg. Remind her, again, to take SMALL bites, not try and eat the egg in one swoop!
11:48- Child #19 suddenly jumps up from chair, having realized his pants are a bit wet from...pee? juice? who wants to smell and find out, he offers to his friends. Changes clothes.
11:50- Boss leaves to go outside with half of the lunch class. The other half are still eating/playing with their food/following me around like a mopey puppy.
11:51- Child #23 has an accident in his pants but leaves the restroom anyway. Child #13 enters restroom, children #s 6, 9 and 18 decide they ALL suddenly have to use restroom. Child #23 is taken next door with a change of clothes, while the others wait for a free bathroom. Child #9 almost has an accident while waiting.
11:53- Child #1 squirts chocolate yogurt all over the sink and wall, entire sink area of classroom is treated to a major cleanup project.
11:57- Child #26 spills bowlful of rice and beans all over carpet. In attempting to clean, smashes food into carpet.
12:00- child #31 decides the pet bunny needs a carrot or ten. Remove 9 carrots out of bunny cage.
12:15- The second group of kiddos finally goes outside with me.
12:25- The afternoon classes walk asfastashumanlypossible to their afternoon classes. (You'd think it was a race!)
12:25-12:45- I am supposed to be child-free while getting nap room ready.
12:29- Child #26 comes in to use restroom, tries to scare/kill pet bunny in the process. Also manages to knock over trash, help 50 paper towels land on floor, and treat the bathroom to a remodel of toilet papered tile. Clean up after him.
12:32- Child #4 comes in from outside because she had an accident. Change her.
12:35- rush to vacuum, get out 11 cots, blankets, pillows, etc., take out trash before nappers need to come inside
12:45-1:00- Eleven nappers use restroom. Successfully.
1:00-1:30- Rub children #28, 26, and 29. None fall asleep. Give up and decide to eat lunch.
1:33- Child #13 informs me the tissues are gone. Tell her to use paper towel instead.
1:38- Child #26 needs tissue. Tell her to use paper towel instead.
1:40- Child #3 needs tissue. Give up and go get more tissues.
1:45- 1:48- Opera concerto is given to us by child #7. Knock on bathroom door repeatedly to remind him to quiet down.
1:49- After multiple messages, child #26 is carted off to the office for being loud. Child #15 falls asleep. Child #16 leaves for soccer practice.
1:57- After a trip to get a tissue, child #8 attempts to slide onto cot like baseball player. Falls and hits face instead, cries.
2:00- Child #29 tries to get a book. I tell him to lie down. Instead, he prefers to use the rug as an ocean in which to scuba dive. Manages to find pieces of mulch
2:01- After a few messages about speaking disrespectfully to teachers, child #3 is brought to office. Child #29 is placed on a chair since he is (too) adventurous on his cot.
2:04- Child #29 moves chair to be closer to me. Chair moved back to original position.
2:15- Child #28 finally falls asleep.
2:20- Allow children who are awake and quiet to get books to look at on their cots. They remain relatively quiet until naptime is over.
2:45- Turn on lights, turn off music, naptime is over
2:46- Due to naptime being over, nappers stage a party.
2:47- Nappers' party cancelled by mean teachers. Nappers put on shoes, put away blankets/pillows.
3:00-3:10- Snack for nappers. Pretzels are spilled, yogurt is squirted. Cups of juice are downed. Child #28 sleeps on.
3:15- Afternoon children join us, a book is read. Children #s 8, 29, 4 leave to go home.
3:25-3:30- coats are put on, children line up to go outside, then we hear it is 71* and coats are not needed. Coats are shed, children line up, some children come back to circle due to talking.
3:30- most of the children go outside to playoutside with my co-worker. I stay inside to attempt to wake a sleeping beast, child #28 from yesterday.
3:31-3:39 Child #28 is awake but crying. I put room back together, unstacking chairs and tables.
3:39- Child #28 has calmed down enough to go sit in office since she has something against the outdoors, coats, and teachers.
3:40- I go outside. Children #s35 & 34 latch on to me and don't let go until they leave. Child #26 falls on pavement for the first time and skins knee. Band-aid is given.
3:45- Asked to play tag. Unfortunately, I wore a skirt and dress shoes today. Sorry, boys, not today!
4:15- ball over fence. Children #s 24, 34, & 35 get to go outside the fence with me to retrieve ball.
4:16- Child #24 cuts finger on fence while throwing ball over to the school side. Band-aid is given.
4:20-4:25- Game of Simon says is played with children #39 and 37.
4:25- Child #26 falls on pavement again. We remind him to run on the grass, not pavement.
4:27- Child #26 throws mulch in friends' hair. Asked to leave mulch area of the playground.
4:29-4:35- Play soccer with children #24, 36
4:39-4:43- Game of Red Light, Green Light is played with children #24, 26, 14, 15, 34 and 35. They grow bored and decide to run races against each other instead.
4:45-4:50- Look at shapes in the clouds with children #s 34 and 26. Discover a crab, a monster, a fairy, a dolphin, and a dog among other things.
4:52- Children #s 14, 19, 24, 26, and 35 begin a game of basketball.
4:56- Child #26 is hit on head with basketball because he was standing directly under net.
5:10- We clean up and go inside. Children #19, 24, and 35 are the only kids left at school for the day.
5:12- I begin to clean. Children #s 24 and 35 complain that they are hungry. I tell them to check their lunch boxes for something to eat. Amazingly, child #24 decides he's not hungry anymore. Child #35 finds an entire sandwich and begins to eat.
5:14- Child #24's mom, brother and babysitter come pick her up. Mom comments that she must not have eaten much for lunch, due to the whole sandwich being consumed now. I agree.
5:17- Child #24 helps vacuum, then resumes his work with bricks and cars.
5:20- The room is clean! Children #s 19 and 24 get into an argument about the brick work. I let them work it out.
5:23- Child #19 is picked up.
5:25- Child #24's dad and brother arrive. My coworker spends the next 10 minutes talking to them, so I join the conversation.
5:46- I say goodbye to my boss, thanking her for her help during lunch.
5:48- I bring the trash outside and enjoy the quiet.
5:50- I leave work, ten minutes early. YAHOO!

Whew! How was your day?

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