Saturday, April 18, 2009

Matt Nathanson concert!!

Matt Nathanson- Come On Get Higher

His vocals in this song are beyond wonderful- a song called "Wedding Dress"

I went to the Matt Nathanson concert earlier this week- it was AWESOME!!!! I went alone (I know, loser, but I am out to prove that you can have fun by yourself. No one else wanted to/could go. As if I's miss out just because no one could go with me!?!?)
Anyway, it was quite the experience. He's seriously one of my favorite artists right now. His voice is so incredibly powerful!!
Before the first band came on (a band called Low Vs. Diamond) one of the girls in front of me suddenly fainted. After half a second of lying on the floor, she popped up, good as new. It was very strange and scary, and I spent part of the concert hoping she was okay and that it wouldn't happen again!

Then there was the idiot couple who decided to push their way to the front of the bar nearby me. The people who had been standing next to me and ended up behind me were SO pissed!! (rightfully so, btw!) I thought there was going to be a fist fight, truthfully. I strongly dislike mean people who care about no one but themselves...
I also experienced beer poured down my shirt and on the heads of people around me. Gotta love the balcony drunks.

Matt Nathanson's Enrique impression

Matt Nathanson- Car Crash


  1. Go you!!! I think it's awesome you went solo. So independent. :) I'm thinking of going to the movies solo for the 1st time. I want to see 17 Again. lol

    Is this guy a Christian music guy, or just regular radio?
    I didn't recognize him, but my computer is slow to load the videos right now, so I couldn't really listen yet.

  2. Good for you for going by yourself when you couldn't fine someone to go with. I do that all time. No way I'm going to miss out on something just because I can't find someone to go with me. Independent women unite!

  3. Thrilled for you! I just love live concerts!

  4. Looks like a TON of fun! :) I wonder if I'd be able to go by myself, I love a good concert! Stoppin by from SITS

  5. Good for you for going by yourself! My BFF D does that and she says she loves it!


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