Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Since I'm babysitting Chubster again, so far sans bugs

I've been able to sit down and just chill. Whew! So far, my week has been: frisbee golf, dinner, ice cream, work, babysit, work, babysit...

To come: babysit, work, work, mom & sisters coming in town (at least I hope they still plan on coming! I haven't checked recently...)

Although really, my busy week hasn't been the source of my stress this week. 

Work is.

I LOVE my job. Truly, I do. It's not often that we (Cara & I) or I get praised for our classroom or work we do with the children. My boss has a strange attitude towards Cara. I don't know why, Cara doesn't know why...but she does. Example in point. I wasn't at work Monday, so A was subbing for me. The following day, A was complimented by my boss for the clean classroom (mine and Cara's). Cara was the one who cleaned. Yet, even after A told my boss that, my boss never went to Cara and extended the compliments to her. This kind of thing happens OVER and OVER. Which (not surprisingly) makes Cara quite hesitant to spend *extra* time cleaning, since we already do a great job, every day. You know?

So anyway, Friday is a BIG day at our school, the kind that demands EVERYTHING be in its place, EVERYTHING be clean, etc. Which is fine. However, in addition to that, my boss has been making some strange requests and observations. She's been coming in our lunch room, scrutinizing our 28 lunchers...who, face it, aren't perfect. They are, after all, 3, 4, 5, or 6 years old. Hello...they are going to be silly. They are going to spill food, and sit incorrectly, and be extremely loud. I know that, Cara knows that, ALL the teachers at my school know that. Still, our boss comes in and just *watches* us...and it makes Cara and I very uncomfortable. 

Cara thinks she's coming in to find things for us to do for Friday. She may be boss is stressed, she's projecting it onto us, and we are all stressed. As a result, we are getting low on patience this week.

Long story....but basically, I'm stressed about work. After Friday, it will be much better...until then, can you offer up a prayer for myself, Cara, and the rest of our co-workers? Thanks!


  1. I'll definitely offer up some prayers! I hate times like that.
    What is going on Friday? Is your school being evaluated or something?

    I'd be hurt if I was Cara. I can relate, as I've been in those shoes. They are no fun.

  2. UGH, I hate those stressful work situations. It's so difficult because work takes up so much time in life and when it's stressful...UGH!

    I hope everything goes well on Friday.

  3. Praying!! Hope everything goes well.


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