Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tired out!

I was going strong this week, seeing as I just came off of spring break-- at least until today. 

Today I found out:

I have a cat on my forehead
I have an egg in my eye
There is (constantly) a lion/tiger/elephant standing behind me
Kids are already dyeing Easter eggs...and eating them!

Basically, I spent the day warding off the kids April Fool's jokes. Oh yea, and 

One of my girls at school took a tumble outside a local ice skating rink a week or so ago. Her grandmother tripped over her and ended up with 5 stitches in her finger. Our little girl, Trisha was relatively unharmed but did get quite a cut on her face, as well as a HUGE, nasty bleeding lip. She managed to bust open the top and bottom lips! Anyway, she's healing nicely and today informed me, "I'm almost back to being myself again!" Too cute.

Not cute?

A physical tantrum by a 4 year old girl. Oh yea, lots of fun! Mariana has been attending my school since September but just recently started in my room, so she's still adjusting. She has an awful time waking up from nap, to the point where one teacher is helping all the other kids (10+) to put away nap things and have snack at circle while the other teacher attempt to help her wake up. I love the girl, but she is a spitfire little thing (ahem, NOTHING like me when I was young! ;) 

Anyway, she woke up alright today and I thought she'd be able to join us at circle. No such luck. She sat in the book corner and cried her angry crocodile tears for 10-15 minutes while everyone else ate, got their coats on and went outside. Talking to her/holding her/rubbing her/trying to reason with her just made her louder and louder. After she finally calmed down enough and decided to put her coat on, she asked me to zip it for her. I started it, as I do with all the kids- they can zip! 

Well, that started another meltdown. While I waited for another child to use the restroom & wash hands, she lay screaming on the floor, "ZIP UP MY COAT!!! ZIP (gasp) UP (gasp) MY COAT!!!!"

When a third child needed a tissue, I told her she had a choice, because I was needed outside. She could walk, or I could carry her. "ZIP UP MY COAT!!! ZIP (gasp) UP (gasp) MY COAT!!!!" was all I heard so she was carried outside.

After which she attempted to run back inside (successful), completely unzip the previously half zipped coat (successful), fling herself into the book corner (successful) and cling to a pillow for dear life (not successful). 

She was carried back outside, coat not on but with her (don't judge, it was at least 60*, she wasn't going to freeze!!). After a few minutes  of continuous screaming since I was blocking her escape route, my bosss came out and tried to reason with her. No such luck. 

After an eternity (5 minutes, tops) my co-worker took over, but that lasted about 10 seconds because Mariana promptly started hitting her and knocked A's sunglasses to the ground. Mariana was brought inside, to my boss, where she apprently, eventually, after forevvvvvver, calmed down. Gotta love 4 year olds.

Remind me why I teach again?

I'm going to bed. I worked a 12 hour day and it's after 1 am. Tomorrow's already here!

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  1. That sounds all to familiar to me. I worked in a daycare with 2 year olds for 9 years and that would happen often. I am so sorry you had to deal with that. Just remember, she will grow out of it eventually! Thanks for coming ovver to my blog. I graduated FUS in 2002 with a BA in Theology. How about you?


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