Saturday, April 04, 2009


The weekend is finally here! Actually, this first week back to school really sped by, at least for me. Of course, we had an outbreak of whooping cough, the flu, a huge bloody nose, about five huge tantrums/fights by some children, and lots of awesome weather to keep us busy! 

I was busy every evening this week, as well! I went to dinner with two of my sisters Monday, had three of my friends over for dinner Tuesday, babysat Wednesday, went to the park Thursday and had a babysitting meet-up on Friday. It's no wonder I was ready for the weeeknd!

I don't have anything going on this weekend. I had a few things planned but they've all gotten canceled so far. The apartment is CLEAN thanks to my speedy work yesterday morning, so I plan to finish Prison Break, play some Wii, and read a bit. I think I'm declaring today a stay-home-all-day day. 

Hope you have a great weekend--- what are you up to?


  1. stopping by from sits! You sound like a busy girl! have fun playing wii... i want one, but its probably beter that I don't have one:)

  2. Sweet Wii! I have always wanted to play that. Sounds like a relaxing weekend planned! We have a friend of my husbands visiting and staying with us until Tuesday night. So I guess I have some good meal cooking ahead of me!

  3. Whatcha' reading?
    I need to start reading more. You know, other than children's books. (though I love them!)

    I am going out tonight for a friend's b-day. My first girls' night like this since 2006! I am excited. :)

    In the meantime, Aidan got his first b-day present-a Target giftcard- so we're going shopping. :)

    Enjoy your weekend! Have fun w/ the Wii. I've never tried it. Maybe when I come visit you!! ;)

  4. I actually have played wii fit some this weekend since I'm babysitting for a family with one. LOVE it. Definitely on the "to buy" list :0)

    You have an award on my blog...


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