Wednesday, April 08, 2009

JayJay Up Close

A tour of my classroom, pictures courtesy of various 3-6 year olds who "stole" my camera this afternoon. No, really I love letting the kids use my Canon Powershot. They know from the first time they take a turn there are two rules:
1) The strap must be around your wrist at all times
2) No running with the camera (mostly enforced while outside)

Other than that, I let them go for it. When I get home and review the photos, I'm always thrilled by the random artistry of some of the pictures...such as this one taken by 4 year old Daley in the fall...

And quickly delete about 75% of them, which showcase children's stomachs, feet, teeth so close you think the picture will bite you, etc. ;-)

Anyway, moving on...
Flowers...a nice start, no? Clear, even!

Wall hanging from South America, which nicely brightens up the classroom...

Someone's work from a 4 foot stance

Oh, the animals! Have you met Snickers?

Or our nameless frog, 1 of 2?

Oh, and what have we here?

Well, better take a picture of the name tag, nice and close, just in case we don't know!

Someone, ahem, needs to give them a lesson on the macro setting. Is it too soon for that?
Say "hello" to JayJay!
Do you let your kids use the camera? I began letting kids use my cameras from the beginning, before I was teaching. Whenever my family has a party, there are kids present, and they all LOVE cameras. You'd be surprised at some of the nice photos they can take!


  1. That's so neat that you let them use the camera! I do love the composition of the first photo! And some of the others just made me laugh :)

    I like the new monkey theme!

  2. We do let the kids use the camera now and then, but they don't show much interest now. We got one of those little toy digitals for my dd. She loved it for the first set of pictures, didn't like the results and hasn't picked it up since.

  3. What a great idea! I think photography is a great hobby for kids. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!

  4. I let a group of kindergarteners, I was was working with, play with my camera during small group time....yikes some of those pictures were interesting...hahaha...but they loved it.


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