Thursday, May 14, 2009

Answers...and decisions

It was a good day here in monkey land. With wacky Wednesdays, you just never know what to expect. 

Cara and I had a meeting with my boss today about our school's summer program, what hours we're expected to be working, what our thoughts were on how the school year went overall, and a few other small issues. Truthfully, it went a LOT better than I was thinking it would, and I'm so thankful for that. It wasn't a scheduled meeting, my boss just pulled me aside and asked if she could talk to Cara and me during our lunch (the kids' naptime). Probably better for my stress level anyway!

Once you get the ball rolling with me during a meeting, there's no stopping me. I can be kinda blunt with what needs to be said, but I also feel like "Hey, if there's something that needs to be said and all the people who need to hear it are here now, why bother putting it off and causing unneeded stress..."

So, the first order of business was our summer program. After yesterday, when I was stuck at work until 6:20 (I know it's only 20 minutes past when I expect to finish my workday but those 20 minutes are LOOONNNGGG when you are supposed to be DONE and you have two kids who are all "where's my mom" and "I'm hungry, it's dinner time") I needed to let it be known that I wasn't really willing to spend the first two weeks of my summer staying that late- so I told my boss that I'm available from 8a-4p. Another reason I'll hopefully (love) these hours is that it will help me adjust to my summer nannying hours, which will be 7:30-4:30. So, I'd rather start working early in an environment I'm used to, then switch over to basically the same hours in a new environment, if that makes sense. 

My boss then mentioned that contracts will be given to us by June 1- later than stated in our current contracts but she said she would like us both to come back...

After that, we moved on to the issue of our lunch program, a talk that was desperately needed. Right now (ahem, all year) we've been over on our numbers, which is SO easy to do in a school environment, but having 30 kids for 75 minutes for lunch is just too much. I told her we are not willing to have more than 24 next year, end of story. Cara and I came up with a few suggestions on how to help with the craziness of lunchtime in general. Amazingly, our boss was very willing to listen and seemed open to some of our ideas. As of now, our lunchroom only stands at 21 kids next year, but that will change. 

So yea... a lot of issues were discussed, and I'm thankful for the lunch talk especially, as it was beginning to wear me out just wondering how to bring it up delicately with the boss!

But now... there are many questions in my head-
- Do I want to stay another year at my school (my heart says why not, part of me wants a new adventure)
- Where will I live come August? In Big City still? Should I move East? To Cinci? A totally different state?
- Do I want to get my Montessori certification? (I REALLY don't want to go back to school!!!)
- Maybe I should go back to nannying full time?
- Why is life so complicated and why can't I just be content where I am??!!? 

Really, though, it was a good day. I played soccer with some of my boys until Dillon stepped on Jack's arm and Livvy had a freak out about someone taking her bike. Normal day, really. ;) It rained this afternoon so I took a few kids next door and we played monkey in the middle with a balloon until they began to shriek and scream a bit too loud...

After work we had a girls' night at a local Mexican restaurant. Only 5 of us were able to attend but had fun anyway- it's good to see the girls outside of work. We usually get together outside of work just once a year so I was glad it was on a night I was free. Afterwards, my friend Lexi and I met up for chai tea and some girl chat-- it's been a long day but now I can go to bed feeling like I can evaluate what to do a little easier with the meeting behind me!

Hope you all had a good Wednesday! :)


  1. WOW!! That's a lot in one day!
    I'm glad you have some job security. I can understand the interest in going somewhere new, too. It's exciting that you have the option to choose!

    Oh, and with that lunch program, I'd loose my mind!

  2. Isn't it so exciting choosing future plans, it always feels as though you control everything! (Though then you learn you don't, and that's disappointing!)


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