Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Asian Wonders

Part I of our expedition to the zoo is here...

Onto Asia, and one of my favorite new baby animals at our zoo!
But first... we spotted a couple (albeit sleepy!) sea otters

A lioness peeking through the grass

A tiger who was only focused on his food!

Some animal called a markhor that I had never even heard of!

A colorful golden pheasant...

A pretty sun bear...

Langurs- some monkey-looking thing (don't you love all my terminology?!)

Flying fox (look like bats to me...)

A snake called "Fluffy" that is HUGE, something like 300 lbs...

a water monitor...

And now, a baby elephant that was born at the end of March. He weighs about 386 lbs (weighed 300 at birth!). He's adorable, but everyone agrees his eye is just creepy. His name is still tbd- I think they are announcing it on Mother's Day, actually!

Oh, and don't forget the rhinos! This one looked so calm, but I still wouldn't want to run into one in the wild...


  1. Great photos! I'm taking my first grade class to the SF zoo next week. I'm getting excited. The only bummer is there are no elephants at our zoo? Can you believe it?

  2. The sleeping otter is much cuter than the snakes and the monkey thing. :)

  3. I have to admit: these pics are kinda creeping me out! lol
    That flying fox is horrific. Shutter!

    Baby lions looks so cute and sweet, though. Too bad they aren't!

  4. Each zoo post I'm look at each photo and am like "that's the animal I'm going to comment on" but then I want to comment on all of them and it's too overwhelming! Your zoo is amazing!

  5. Great pics! The flying fox bat thing is a little scary! Ewww...

    Thanks for your nice comment! You have such a cute blog!


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