Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lake Trip I

What a weekend! We left Big City last Friday evening, after a whirlwind day of graduation (so sad), lunch with two coworkers (so fun) and an hour or so of just sitting and relaxing (so needed!).
We hit the road and headed south, towards the warmth! Lake Cumberland, Kentucky was our destination and after a few mishaps, including me freaking out because I thought my keys were lost in Big City, and half our group turning on a random road (and running into dogs and horses in a field) because they thought it was the correct route, we arrived in Burnside around 1 am Saturday. We had shopped at a random Wal-Mart back in Northern Kentucky and stocked up on food & drinks for the weekend- which, I must say, we planned REALLY well. We had barely anything left over by the end of the weekend!

The house we stayed at was absolutely awesome. It was two floors, with three bedrooms, two and a half bath, two pull out couches, a fully equipped kitchen, porch swing, and a hot tub outside. We took full advantage of that throughout the weekend!!

Smart people in our group of 7 went to bed shortly after our arrival, but I was sharing a huge bed with Lexi and another girl named Jules and we were up until 4:30 or so talking. Whoops!!!
View of the river from our house- lots of boats came by which was cool!

On Saturday, we got up had a delicious breakfast of eggs & bacon (ohh, I love it!) and Tommy & T & I walked down to what used to be/was going to be a dock eventually. It was amazing how far down below the water actually was, since it didn't look terribly far.

We left the house and headed towards the marina where we reserved a ski boat and loaded up on life jackets and sunscreen. It was a perfect day to be out on the water, mid 80s and humid! We ended up buying a cheap inner tube as well since the marina didn't rent them out. With Dug at the wheel, we pulled out and busted the tunes-- that was a blast!

The next four hours were spent coasting along, music blasting, wind in my hair-- the best feeling. :) I really enjoyed just chilling on the boat and watching other boaters. It was perfect!
Once we got out a bit farther into the lake, we slowed down and brought out the inner tube. I had never been tubing before, so I let a few of my new friends go before I tried. Once I finally got on the tube (note to self: just get on from the boat, it's easier) we began flying (probably not really, but it felt like that!) and the water was all over me as I tried to hold on for dear life. The biggest problem I encountered was that I had my contacts in and my eyes hurt SO badly afterwards from the water being continually sprayed in them. Next time, I'll just wear my glasses for that part of the ride!

Ready to go!

Got my game face on...

Probably trying to hold on for dear life!

Tipped over

Whew, I survived!

After everyone got a chance to go tubing, we pulled out the water skiis and had just enough time for a few people to try them out. The skiis were too big and kept falling off the guys' feet, so I didn't get to try. One thing at a time!

Once back at the house that evening, we were all exhausted! After a quick dinner of burgers & hot dogs, most of us crashed for an hour or so...on couches, the porch swing, our beds...we were all over the house! We eventually perked up enough to hang out in the hot tub for a bit before pulling out Apples to Apples (Tommy won by a long shot, even though he'd just met some of us he was really good at reading us!) and then Pit (Lexi shamelessly won, to the point that we banned trading from her and eventually we all just quit playing with her!). The crew slowly started drifting to bed one by one until only Tommy, Bin, Lexi and I were up. We watched an interesting episode of Law & Order (it had Hilary Duff playing the mother of a baby...yea) and afterwards it was already 2 am...time to hit the hay!


  1. You look like you had gotten a bit crispy in that last photo. The pictures you took are amazing. So glad you had fun.

  2. Yay for having a great time on your weekend getaway. So glad you decided to go.

  3. What an AMAZING weekend! You are so lucky! You look adorable in the last pic :)

  4. Popped in from SITS to say hi!

  5. That lake looks amazing! It looks like you had a blast!


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