Friday, May 29, 2009

Lake Trip II

Our second day at the lake was exhausting and full! There was rain in the forecast, so we hit the road before noon to head to Cumberland Falls, Kentucky. It's called the "Little Niagara" apparently-- pretty cool and beautiful, but definitely not as amazing as the regular Niagara Falls!!

We took a few group photos and then began a hike. Up...and up...and up we went. At some points, I thought I was going to die-- lol! We followed many trails, hiked somewhere between 6 and 10 miles by our best estimation, and all of us ran out of water somewhere around the halfway point. We found this ADORABLE little turtle on the side of the path. I'd never seen such a small turtle! Seriously, how cute?! He was a squirmy guy when I held him, but all of us wished we'd kept him with us during our hike. Aw, what a fun pet he would have been!

We also explored a few caves (their natural cool air felt wonderful!!) and met a lot of neat bugs & spiders along the way. Oh, and we almost stepped on a copperhead. He was so pissed at us and kept sticking out his tongue!

The smaller waterfalls were pretty and extremely refreshing in the hot, humid heat. That's the best feeling!

When we were about a mile from the end of our hike, we stopped by some rocks to cool off (actually, this is where Mr. Copperhead was hanging out)
And we survived!

That evening we were all sore again (that lasted a few days!) and spent a few hours in the hot tub talking. Early the next morning we packed up our belongings and headed home-- our vacation, ever so lonely, was WAY too short (as vacations always are!)


  1. Cutest turtle ever! But I can't believe you were that close to that snake!

  2. Such a beautiful trip. How did you manage to get the courage to come back home?

  3. Great pics looks like a really fun vacation. :)


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