Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Non-Flirting Story

I am SO not a flirt. I have friends who are (or were before they got married!) and I found it hysterical the way they interacted with guys. I just cannot do that!!!

So, here is my not-flirting story.

Last week, I was at Aniya's house to watch the series finale of "Prison Break". Aniya's dh Ty and his buddy Kyle arrived shortly after I did but before the show started. I'd never met either of them so we introduced ourselves and Kyle began talking about how Prison Break was his favorite show and he just couldn't wait for the finale to begin. The show began and before the first set of commercials, Kyle's all, "What's Scylla?", "Is that his mom?", "Who is that girl?". Yea, he'd never watched Prison Break before AT ALL. 

So, during the first set of commercials, Aniya and Ty were talking about something and I began explaining the basic elements of the show to Kyle since we were both sitting on the couch. 

After I finished my little synopsis, Kyle said something to the extend of, "Hey, I like your nails!" (Which were still painted from this...) He continued on with, "They have a cool green glow to it from this angle!"  (Okay, really he used some other fancy word but I cannot remember what it was!)

Of course, being the STUPID girl I am, I started spouting off the story of how, oh, it was my friend's birthday and how, oh, usually my nails aren't painted, etc. Greeaattt.

Then, Kyle leaned over and said, "And are your eyes green, too?!?" 

Anyone want to guess what my response was? Because it's ever so not flirty, I assure you! 


(Can I just say that I'm glad Aniya and Ty were paying absolutely NO attention to us...?)


  1. lol. that is classic. It's all good...he obviously liked you anyway!

  2. I think it's great that you are just yourself! Sounds like he liked you:)

  3. That is hysterical. I was a horrible flirt due to the fact that any time I even smelled a boy within a 10 mile radius I started blushing hot enough to start a forest fire.

    Laughing with you, not at you!

  4. Oh no! I hope your friend gives him your number. Or - you could ask for his?

  5. So when are you going to see him again?!

    I think it's great you are yourself no matter what. It can't get any better than that! Phony is just so...phony.

    I agree. It sounds like he was enjoying your company just fine. ;)
    Hubba hubba!

  6. What was your response? What did you say?! I guess I need to go find it in a follow-up post!

  7. Has your mom read this yet??????

    She will love it!


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