Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Year Ago- Part I

One year ago today, I wrote this post.

Today is the last day of school for the year. Again.

I have no witty words this year- while I am scared about the summer, my new summer job and the decisions I have to make regarding my future, I am ready for the school year to be over. I will miss my kindergartners, but I have no where near the same amount of mixed feelings as I did last year. Perhaps Aniya was there to guide me in my first year of teaching, teach me the ropes and now, Cara and I have things under control...some days! ;) I am definitely more confident in my role in the classroom and am content to be a friend to Aniya, no longer my co-teacher.

So to my Kinders...

Zach, I will miss your smile, your silly giggle, the way you pout with your bottom lip out, arms folded across your chest. It doesn't seem fair to say I will miss you without telling Galen goodbye too, for the two of you are "best buds" and part of the "gang" together. You two are always in cahoots and do everything together...including getting in trouble. Galen started the "bawk, bawk, Chicken!" when we line up the afternoon kids after recess and Zach, you my mister, started the "Dudes Club".

To Eamon: You are one of my favorite kindergarten entertainers! You ALWAYS have a story to tell in animated detail!! Remember the time you had to go to the hospital?? As long as you keep your anger in check, you'll get so far in life! I'll miss your eagerness to always help out in our classroom, bud! P.S. Did anyone tell you that YOU scored highest on our Iowa tests last month?! You rock!!

Monkey, my monkey. Do I have to say goodbye to you? Alexa, I am SO sad that you are leaving our school! You arrived the same time I did, and we've had a special bond ever since. You win the award for "Child I have most photos of" because you enjoy stealing my camera and taking self portraits! I'll miss your smile, your multiple daily hugs, your stories, hanging out with you on the picnic bench, playing with Pinocchio leaves, your gymnast adventures...

McK! My blond-haired, motherly princess, always decked out in leopard prints and "HSM" tees. It makes me sad to say goodbye to you, because unlike Alexa, Eamon & Zach, you don't have younger siblings coming to our school. A goodbye to you is forever. I LOVE your cheery nature, and the way you just float along clearly enjoying life. You will be a cheerleader, a popular girl in school. Stay strong!

AaJay, Mr.Cool, you say the strangest things sometimes, but you are such a sweet boy. I know your sister Livvy will really miss you next year, as will we! You have come a long way from when I first met you almost two years ago-- you've blossomed and made so many friends! Thank you for your constant laughs...there's a possibility you'll be voted "Class Clown" later in life. ;) Keep your sunny smile!

Max! I am so thankful you joined our lunchroom this year! Along with your twin brother Reese and Samster, you've joined forces and created the nicest 3-boy-bond I've ever seen! There's no separating the three of you and you stay away from the drama on the playground. For that I am so grateful. Keep being the sweet boy you are now, and you'll gain friends for life. 

Ben. Ah. You were certainly brought into my life in September so I could practice patience while you excelled in Kindergarten! If you focus and work on controlling your body during circle, you'll survive! Thank your twin bro Joel for moving the both of you together onto first grade in the fall- have fun, goofy boy!

Jo & your best friend Dobbit! You boys are the sweetest six year olds to grace the planet! I remember meeting you, Jo, last June. You were a super-timid, curly haired boy...and I was worried about your adjustment to all-day classes. I should not have been the least bit concerned with Dobbit at your side! You two are silly, and thanks to you I'll spend my days in the principle's office! (They always "send" Cara and I to the office, lol!)

Kendall, my long blond haired beauty...I didn't get to see you much this year, but every time I did see you I was greeted with a wide smile- most of the time toothless, but your front teeth have arrived once again. ;-) You were one of my favorite work buddies when I subbed in your classroom, and are a friend to everyone at school. Your sweet disposition will get you far!

Raquel and Kennedy-- you two were determined to teach me about girls' overly emotional and dramatic sides! If a person viewed the video I took of our lunch room last week, they'd discover the two of you crying! Raquel, I believe you were brooding over your assigned seat, which happened to be with two of the happiest people in the classroom! Girl, smile more, discover the GOOD in situations and people will discover a beautiful, strong-willed rainbow in you. Brighten up! Kennedy, you were crying because your mom packed peas and supposedly you don't like peas. You've been eating them all year! What up with that?! Really though, when you're not experimenting with your pouting face, your smile lights up the room. I looooooove your stories on circle- even if we do need a full ten minutes for just one of them! 

Part II on Friday!


  1. How awesome. It's amazing how they worm their way into your heart and make it hard to say goodbye.

  2. Aw!!!

    I love the name Eamon. Very cool.

    And the girl wearing leopard and HSM shirts. Too cute! I'm not a fan of leopard, but I AM a fan of HSM!

    I am sure they will miss YOU tons.


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