Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Year Ago- Part II

Catie- oh my soul brightened when you joined our classroom! You are such a happy encourager, and not just to the other children. I fondly remember earlier this year, your request for a cut-up apple as opposed to the skinned fruit- and for good reason! I look forward to meeting your younger brother you absolutely adore, and still remember the Christmas cookies you baked with your mom. They were the BEST I have tasted. Ever! 

Julianne: You are always so happy! Eager to please and ever helpful...I loved helping in your classroom because you made me feel so special. I'll treasure all your pictures and creations always, while you move on to a bigger, brighter world for you to happily explore :)

Parks- you are can be sneaky or smiley, always  "one of the boys" and nothing like your twin sister Jordy- which is okay! Always eager to be in the middle of everything, I think you're still trying to find your own path. I recently discovered that you, Jordy and Eamon will be in the same school next year- and will have a blast together! I enjoyed all of your books on airplanes and outer space this past year- You are so full of interesting trivia, like the bit you shared with me today- "All four year olds are overweight"!

Jordy, my playground buddy...I may not know you too well, but you have a special place in my heart. You always, ALWAYS have a hug ready for me in the afternoon, and I appreciate that! You are such an easygoing girl, and I know you and Parks have a special bond. As one of the girls, I'm sure you'll miss your friends but have no trouble meeting new ones, either!

Velle-Willam- how I love your easy spirit and serious nature. I've never known a six year old interested in debating God, chickens and friendship all in the same conversation! I love that you are being raised in the countryside and are embarking on the adventure of raising your own chickens. Your parents are teaching you well about the earth, nature and how to preserve it, and you are not worried about speaking your mind one bit! I really admire that in you.  Your friends are special to you, but so is your family. Our school is blessed with you and your sister! 

Britt- You have such a sweet nature, my boy. Earlier in the school year I had the opportunity to speak with your mom about all the ways you've grown and matured since entering our school- while you've definitely grown taller and more outspoken, every once in a while the little boy in you still shines through-- I will miss that! Your stories make me laugh, and I'll fondly never forget your chocolate yogurt splattered over the sink and wall daily! :-) (see 11:53am)

Brooke (or Book, as you are affectionately known!) I have LOVED having you these last two years! You are any teacher's dream student- and your family is picture-perfect too. Any conflict with you was solved within 5 seconds of beginning. You are always surrounded by friends, dressed in the cutest outfits, hair nicely done...and yet, you are so not a girly girl! You love running around with the boys, even if it does result in skinned knees and splinters in fingers. I love the "tough girl" mentality you have, and am going to miss your sunny smile! 

Hey, Bobbert! You are indeed last in this list. Not on purpose, though it's possibly divine since you really really REALLY enjoy being the first one done with lunch every single stinkin' day! I've tried to get you to slow down just...a...little but it never happened. You were both a joy and a pain to have these past two years. No, seriously. (One of Bobbert's favorite quotes- the other is "Can I please pack up now?") Your smile and joking manner will surely be a hit in elementary school, and I will miss you. As one of the largest kindergartners, you certainly had your chance to make an impression on the other students- and you did. As your final mark on the school, thank you for allegedly pulling down the pants of another kindergartner on the playground on one of the last days of school. Really? Was that necessary? No, seriously. 

Congratulations, graduates!!

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