Monday, May 11, 2009

Perfect Weekend!

"Take a picture when I'm up!" -Alexa, age 5

It's hard for me to get back into my routine after such a fantastic weekend! I babysat Chubster on Friday night- the poor dude is cutting TEN teeth at once!! Youch...

On Saturday morning I was up early, way too excited about the weekend to come to sleep. :-) I headed off to help at a Miracle League baseball game, not sure what to expect at ALL. I have a special place in my heart for special needs children after nannying for Z-Man for a year and tutoring Igo and Alana last summer. All three have Down Syndrome and are absolutely precious...and they were are my motivation for helping out with the Miracle League this spring/summer. It was a wonderful experience...there was none of the screaming and yelling you'd experience at a "normal" kids' baseball game. The parents were upbeat, cheering and clapping for both teams. The kids' disabilities ranged from Kaytlin's slight cerebral palsy and Down Syndrome to autism and kids on oxygen in wheelchairs. Each of us had one child to care for-- some easier than others. I hung out with Allie (severely autistic), Annie (dwarfism and back cysts), and Reese (not sure but he was adorable). It was an incredible experience! :)

After the game, I rushed home to shower, change and pack a few things, and then it was on to the rest of my weekend! Thanks to Crystal, I was off to surprise Sharon- and meet both of them for the first time. Seriously, never meet blog people-- they are wacked out ;) Haha...

Totally kidding! In all reality, we got along really well :) After meeting their families, I'm about ready to quit my job and offer to babysit their boys full time-- stinkin' adorable, all of them! We girls enjoyed getting our nails done (the kids at school have never seen me with painted nails and keep asking how the color got on my nails...), drinks, dinner and playing a bit of Wii...(hi, Pat. I beat you at bowling...). Sharon's dh graciously offered to have me stay overnight (hi, Pat. Yes, I know you beat me at everything else in Wii...) so that was awesome because it gave me more time to talk to Sharon and hang out with my new boyfriend. He may be 5 but he's adorable...

We never got a photo of all three of us together, and this is the only good one I have of Sharon and me together.
I had a great time up north with them, and it's a quick two hour trip so hopefully we'll get together again soon...if they didn't hate me! :-)


  1. I had so much fun with you guys and am so glad you made it up here! Definitely hope to do it again sometime soon. Next time it may be both of us driving in to see Sharon...

  2. What a great weekend!

    10 teeth at once...ouch! I thought LM was doing bad with 4 at once.

  3. Aw! Reading that about the special needs kids just gave me goosebumps.
    That's sweet.

    And gosh, it was a great weekend! Thank you again for driving all this way, especially when you didn't know if you'd like these people or not! lol

    I am whacked out. I admit it. But fortunately wacky people don't seem foreign to you. ;)
    There is no hate! Pat & I actually said it was nice to see you weren't Steubenville-bubble type, because you just never know w/ FUS...

    Btw, your boyfriend does miss you. He says hi!

  4. Found your blog through SITS. Love your header, too cute!

  5. Ouch on the ten teeth! I love that the parents at special needs event games are so encouraging and every child feels special. Parents who do not have snk could take a lesson from them.

  6. It sounds like a great weekend!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & helping to make my SITS day special!

  7. Miracle League sounds like a wonderful organization! You are an amazing person for helping out. :)

    How cool that you got to hang out with two bloggers! Isn't it fun to meet new bloggers? :)


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