Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Science/Nature Week

*All photos provided by my students*

Since no one has seen a contract yet at my school, I have no clue whether or not I'll be back to teaching in the Fall, especially with the monkeys I adore- so I've been really trying to savor these last few days of school.

It's been absolutely beautiful the last couple days and we've been enjoying the outdoors. We had lunch outside on Monday which the kids absolutely LOVED- as did we, because it makes for a much easier clean up!

Inevitably, with four and five year olds, being outside for any period of time leads to them digging in the dirt and finding all sorts of creatures-- ants, tiny tiny red bugs, worms, roly-polies, snakes, frogs, and a small animal one of my more challenging (Mister Energy!!!!) students named a "worm-ant". You can't really tell by this photo, but the tiny animal does look like a mixture of a worm and an ant (it has legs).
In reality, I have no idea what the animal really is, but we've turned the dirt digging into a science lesson by discussing what all these animals are on the Earth for...

One of my favorite kindergarteners is a youngster named Henry. He is very advanced, reading everything in sight and soaking it up. He knows more strange information than I ever will, and he knows it off the top of his head. For instance, did you know that slugs are anesthetics and if you lick them enough, they'll numb your tongue? Or that slugs are good for our ecosystems, just as worms are? The slugs apparently eat dead leaves and plants that are decaying...who knew? I love my kinders...they teach me something every day!

This discussion led to animals that we've eaten, teachers and chilren in the school both. We got the normal deer, rabbit, cow and added on the alligators, chocolate/cheese covered crickets, raccoons, worms...

We discussed how there are certain animals who attach their babies to the male's back before they hatch for safekeeping-- although some of the teachers had a suggestion for that animal- to attach the babies AFTER they hatch. Haha. ;-)


  1. Goes to show you how maleable (I know I spelled that word wrong) the young mind is. Imagine the stories you could have told them concerning the purpose of that there earthworm. I hope you hear something about your contract soon. Waiting is the hardest part. I'm still waiting on mine for next year as well.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog to help me celebrate my sits day today!

    I love those little teaching moments with my kids too. Even if it involves creepy crawly things. :)


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