Friday, May 15, 2009

Water Fountain Fail...

Thanks for your thoughts on the previous post. I already planned to go (and am SO EXCITED!!!!!) but my mom had a major freakout when she realized there were guys going...something I hadn't even thought of. Oh, well.

Some of my lovely kindergarten boys decided to have some fun with the chalk earlier this week. They rubbed and rubbed until chalk was sufficiently ground into the concrete.
Then, they each took a big swig of water from the water fountain- but didn't swallow.

Oh, no. Because that's not fun, see. Or cool.

Spitting it all over the ground is, though. Especially when it's in front of all the younger children and one of said younger children catches the action on camera. And then tells a teacher. And has evidence in the form of a photo, with your not-so-innocent faces plastered all over it.
Oh, Zach and Galen. I'll miss you after graduation.

(I'm sure both of them would totally proclaim it was worth losing the water fountain for the rest of the day and having to sit on the bench though-- after all, they are cool kindergartners in the eyes of their friends.)


  1. I haves something for you!!!

  2. Aidan would love to meet these boys. :)

    My parents would freak a little, too, over guys going. But YOU are an honest, moral person, and an adult. I think you'll be just fine.

  3. I miss moments like that. My friend at the school where i used to work is SO READY for the upcoming Kindergartners to MOVE ON. (:-D


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