Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blogging from Work

Since J and Z are in the garage scootering around with some neighbor girls and their older sister Kate is gone at a friend's house, I thought I'd try and post something at least, as uninteresting as it may be...

I finished my crazy organizing catastophe around 1:30 this morning. I'll post the pictures when I get home, but let me say that if I can keep my bedroom and bathroom this organized, it will be LOVELY.

I feel almost like I'm on a vacation with this job-- it's kind of cool! The kids and I have stayed very busy though. This is the first time they've been outdoors playing with neighbors and it's my 8th day- so it's beyond wonderful to sit down and take a breather. We've been to my apartment pool with my friends Hope and Lyn, a county pool (where they wanted $36 for myself, a 7 y/o and a 4/o- heck no!), gone out for ice cream (twice), held puppies at the pet store, gone to an indoor arcade on a rainy afteroon, had a movie afternoon, visited the animals at the zoo, read a ton of books, played games, gone to the playground, stopped by my school a few times to visit my boss and co-workers, and gone to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop for a summer video series. Is it any wonder I'm a little relieved to stay put this afternoon?!!

In addition to playing all day with the kids working, I've been getting to know my new roommate (she moves in today!), babysitting, traveling home to PA to visit one of my best friends & her family and just trying to enjoy summer! My softball team's games start tonight so I am psyched for that, too! I'll be back later with some pictures...and gotta run, J & Z are fighting!


  1. Ah, the joys of a job you love. Must be nice! I can't even dream of being organized longer than it takes to get it organized. By the time I start using the space again, it's a mess. My teacher's aid where I work is in total agreement. She's says I'm useless.

  2. CRAZY busy!! Isn't it exhausting hauling kids around with you everywhere you go? It wears me out, at least.

    I look forward to hearing more about the new roomie.

  3. Wow...definitely sounds like you're keeping busy and wearing your charges out! Sometimes it is nice to take a breather though...


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