Sunday, June 21, 2009


I'm looking for some new blog friends, since I really enjoy meeting new people!

My bloggy buddies should be in their mid-20s, single, no kids, be a teacher or nanny, enjoy softball, things tie-dyed, pizza, cheese, traveling, photography, be at least 5'5" and under 150 lbs...

Oh wait. That's not right! I enjoy meeting people from ALL walks of life. True, we're not all the same, but that's what makes life interesting. I love commenting on blogs, love when people comment on mine, and really do enjoy meeting other bloggers. I wouldn't enjoy blogging nearly as much as I do if everyone who read and commented on my blog were like me! Most of my friends in IRL are moms, and since I spend my days with kids, it makes sense to me that the majority of the blogs I read and comment on are those of mothers.

While I'm not a mother myself, nor have I ever claimed to be, I spend the majority of my days with children. I am the oldest in a large family, I began babysitting young, I majored in Child Development in college. I teach, I nanny, I babysit a few times a week and hang out with my friends and their kids. Kids are a huge part of my life- and while that doesn't make me an expert on motherhood, I feel it does enable me to talk about kids and occasionally give advice on the subject of children.

However- this is MY blog. It's my space to think, vent, type whatever I please. If you have an issue with what I write on my blog or a comment I left on yours, please make use of the blue button in the top right corner that has an envelope on it. Clicking on it will allow you to contact me privately via email. Use it. I respectfully ask that you use it in place of other, more public venues of disagreeing with anything I've written.

Thank you!

(The normal, usually cheerful posts resume below)


  1. Hi Bethany! Hmmm, I graduated Steubie in 01 and 02 (MBA). You may know my sisters-in-law (Kelly, Erin, Diana Martin)?? Thanks for visiting my blog, I;ll have to add you to my blogroll :)

  2. left out smoking hot. If you would have added smokin hot, then I would have been able to be your new blog friend.

    SINCE you didnt add smokin hot. I will only be able to be your old blog friend.

  3. Meeting people from online in "real life" can be fun! I've met several in person and might be meeting another on the 4th from an online game me & Mr. Skittles play.

    This is a touch and go thing for me though because I have panic attacks and the moment has to be right for me to be able to do it.

  4. Very well done. Nice disclaimer.


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