Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Doll

Babysitting is not what it used to be.
Gone are the days of parents leaving me a phone number of the restaurant they plan to visit for dinner. Instead I am given cell phone numbers of both parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles galore. The parents email or text to see if I can babysit, text while they are gone to check on the kids, and I rarely know where they are actually eating dinner.

In the same way, the group of children that I care for has changed dramatically in the past 10+ years. This new era of children live in million (or close to!) dollar houses. They carry cell phones and furiously text message by age ten, belong to country clubs and the girls' bedrooms are stocked with princess clothes, posters...and the infamous American Girl doll.
I was babysitting Maggie and Gav last night. Maggie is 5, Gav to turn 2 in September. It was a sunny and warm summer evening and we set out to take a walk around their neighborhood. About halfway through our stroll, Maggie mentioned that her AG doll had fallen outside while they were drawing with chalk earlier in the week. Poor Josefina had broken her head, Maggie explained, and would have to be sent to the AG hospital to get a new head. I held in my laughter as Maggie very seriously explained the horrible scenario (in which if Josefina was real she'd most definitely have died!) and promised to show me broken Josefina when we got back to their house.
As soon as we arrived home, Maggie ran to bring me Josefina...
See her broken head?
I know, I was having some trouble too...
Let's take a closer look.
Uhh...yea. That size scrape on the face definitely warrants a new head. Totally!
At the end of the day, though, who's concerned about scratched up AG dolls and fancy houses? This is what really matters.


  1. You've really hit on an important issue here. Rampant materialism and overindulged children is a huge problem (IMO). And as a mom who tries to avoid this "trap" it's very hard when everyone around you has given in to it. You are wise to realize this now. You will make a wonderful mom someday.

  2. Ugh, I remember AG dolls from when I was little, and I always thought girls who were into them were a little strange. I mean, they cost a fortune, and they're not better than other dolls, they just have hundred dollar boring accessories! Sorry, lots of AG angst!

  3. yeah...that's all that matters in the end. beautiful pics :0)

  4. My older girls, ages 16 and nearly 18, constantly harrass me about their lack of a cell phone!

    Alas, I am clueless as to what an AG doll is...OH! Duh, American Girl. I get it now.

  5. LOL! I was looking for the "scrape."

    Kids have so much more these days, it's amazing. I hope they are graetful!

  6. I hear ya about kids being different, I have kindergarteners show up to tutoring with an iphone. I mean seriouly, what kid needs a cell phone that bad!

    When I am a mom, I will not buy my kids a cell phone until they are 16! But I may buy my future daughter some AG dolls because I think they're fun! LOL!

  7. So funny-- I just wrote a post on my babysitting days! I leave just one number and never harass sitters. Wanna come over and watch my kids? ;)


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