Monday, June 29, 2009


Warning: LOTS of pictures!

I just returned last night from a fabulous three day trip to Milwaukee. My friend Lyn is from that area and invited me to tag along for a weekend of family obligations-- we managed to have a ton of fun though, too!

Our adventures began when our original flight Thursday night was cancelled- so we bunked at Lyn's apartment and got three hours of sleep before catching a 6:30 am flight. Because of the time change, it was about 6:15 am in Milwaukee when we landed. Gotta love time travel!

Friday was seriously packed with busyness- we scouted out a 1/2 Price Bookstore wth Lyn's brother and bought WAY too many books...but most of them were only $1!

We managed to fit in a tour of the Miller Brewing Company. While I'm not a huge fan of beer myself, it was a cool tour!

We spent the afternoon exploring Milwaukee, then relaxing on the lakefront. I lounged around reading and listening to music while Lyn and her brother reconnected playing frisbee. I had a great view of the lake and it was beautiful!

We met up with Lyn's dad for a birthday dinner and explored Safehouse (007, really cool bar!)

and then hit Summerfest, a HUGE music festival. Wow, that was an experience! There were drunk people everywhere, crammed on top of tables and falling off...but good music, too. By the time we got back to Lyn's parents' house, it was early in the morning in Wisconsin...we were beat!

Saturday morning it was up early to hit the Farmer's Market in Madison. I got to try squeaky cheese curds for the first time. They are good but that is SO weird... we also downed tons of green beans, fresh peas, cheese bread, and so many delicious pastries!
The remainder of Saturday was spent at a wedding and then a different family’s reception. The second occasion was held at a tiny airport north of OshKosh (I LOVE that name and had to put it in here somewhere! :)...).

The owners of the airport hangar next to the party spot was offering airplane rides in his tiny 4-seater plane and I took him up on that! Lyn took a bit of convincing but eventually I convinced her. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed that adventure more than she did, but I had a blast! It was so cool to experience a more unusual form of flying—the wind definitely affects the airplane differently! ;) SO MIUCH FUN!

Sunday was our low-key day. We relaxed a bit finally, had a pancake breakfast, went bike riding (okay, not so relaxing!), ate Cobb’s frozen custard (SO good) and to the park (got bitten badly by mosquitoes!) before flying back home- on time AND on the correct day, I might add! We arrived home late last night and I’m back at work as I type. I have just a few days here and then it’s off to the next adventure!


  1. What a fun weekend! I love riding in small planes like that!

    I am happy the weather was nice for you!

  2. You took some GREAT pictures! How fun!
    We've been to the Safehouse-very cool.
    Your hair looks lighter, btw. Very nice.
    Glad it was such a fun trip. I don't know that I'd ride in that small plane, even though we did do a helicopter ride on our honeymoon.

    Your pictures made me even more excited to go see my friend on Thursday!

  3. Those pictures are great! The last one is my fave. I can feel myself decompress just looking at it! (:-D

    Who knew Milwaukee was so pretty? Not me!

  4. What neat pictures! You sure did CRAM alot into those 3 days! Whew! The beer factory and the cheese cure sound so interesting.

  5. I don't think I've ever really seen pictures of Milwaukee or Madison. Those were some really cool pictures. And I think I might be too chicken to go up in a little plane. Eek!


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