Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Unexpected Blessing

I've been loving life lately, but that's meant a HUGE lack of computer time! I was gone all of last weekend. On Monday after work, Lexi and I went to a baseball game and before I got home my mom, dad, Lily and Rachael arrived at my house. Mom & Dad headed off for a vacation and I took the girls for a few days. Luckily, they can go to work with me- and they enjoy it!

One of my (now former!) kindergarten students, Alexa, LOVES Rachael. She talked about her ALL the time after Rachael's very first visit to my school almost two years ago and just never stopped! Alexa wanted to name her fish after Rachael, told her family all about Rachael, asked when Rachael was coming back if she had just visited, etc. Alexa also happens to be my "monkey", about whom I wrote this @ graduation time...Monkey, my monkey! Do I have to say goodbye to you? Alexa, I am SO sad that you are leaving our school! You arrived the same time I did, and we've had a special bond ever since. You win the award for "Child I have most photos of" because you enjoy stealing my camera and taking self portraits! I'll miss your smile, your multiple daily hugs, your stories, hanging out with you on the picnic bench, playing with Pinocchio leaves, your gymnast adventures..." So, I was certainly connected to her in a special way as well! (Must be a family thing!)

So last week, when plans were finalized for Lily & Rachael's visit, my boss remembered that little fact. I ended up calling Alexa's family a week ago, leaving a message that Rachael was coming to visit and we'd love for Alexa to come back to school for a day to see her one last time if it fit with their summer plans. 

I never heard a word back from them so, while I was disappointed, I tried not to let it get to me even though I was already missing Alexa so much! I knew their summer childcare plans were already in place and they probably didn't want to be carting their oldest daughter around when there was technically no need! Yesterday Lily & Rach had a good time at school, especially since we pulled out the sprinker, but Alexa was nowhere to be seen. I never mentioned a word to Rachael since I didn't want to disappoint her.

And then last night, Alexa's mom called me and said she'd love to come today! I arrived at school to find my monkey already waiting for me- and of course Rachael, too! The two spent the day playing quietly together, but I was able to sneak in a few extra hugs and just enjoy my God-given Alexa-day!! 


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