Thursday, July 30, 2009

Man Cake

I'm soooo not creative, but here's an update to this post...

IMG_8645 by you.

IMG_8646 by you.

My friend Kris helped out and found this photo- that's what I used

IMG_8643 by you.

Since I'm Feeling Generous

The person who comments next on my blog- this post only...

will recieve a coupon from me good for 5 hours use of my Wii!!
You can bowl, race cows, play baseball and golf...
the possibilities really are endless.

The race is on!

In all reality though, today is my co-worker Hope's 35th Birthday. She's not planning to enjoy it at all, since she's working until this evening. In fact, when I offered to make her a cake, her response was,

"I don't want your stinkin cake unless you are going to have a hot guy jump out"

Her wish is my command- I'll update with pictures once I actually make the cake.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For those that never comment

This post is dedicated to you,

Peanut Butter Bruen (you know you read this!),

and you,

Mom (who comments when she's not traveling the country),

and you,

Stevie (although in your defense you did comment the other day, I just love ya!)

so really,

Peanut Butter Bruen,

it's just for you. Because you read, and don't comment. Ever.

Be proud, a whole post just for you!
Now, shouldn't you comment on that?!

*If you don't understand this post, have no fear. Normal posting will resume soon, haha!*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walks in the dark

This is going to be a completely random post...just fits with how my life is lately!


The other day, I not-so-wisely decided to take a walk at 8:30 in the evening. I started out on a route I've taken, a few times before with Aniya but eventually veered off to the left, the opposite of the way we usually go. I rounded behind a few side streets, assuming they were going to circle around and I'd be home way before dark. However, I kept walking, it got darker, and soon I found myself on a main road a few miles from my house. Eventually I made it home, but it was probably close to 10 PM! Yesterday I spoke to Aniya on the phone and explained this new, cool walking route we could take next time we walk together. She agreed to go, but only if we begin at 9 am, giving us twelve hours to make it home again before dark. Sheesh. No faith, I tell you!!


In the bright summer sunshine while babysitting earlier this week, the little girl I was watching and I had fun with bubbles. Of course, eventually most of the soap ended up on my legs, but hey, that's what pools are for!

IMG_8570 by you.


While putting the same babysitting charge to bed, I felt someone watching. I was sure of it.

Suddenly I heard a voice,

"Are you putting the baby to bed?" it asked in a gruff tone.

"Yes, deer!" I replied.

IMG_8606 by you.

Yep, I am definitely a lunatic lately. No wonder people like Aniya say they have no faith in me! ;-)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Stuff It

I've been wanting to tell a lot of people to 'stuff it' lately. They all mean well, of course- suggesting "helpful" job opportunities...

"You should quit babysitting"
"So, did you find yourself a new job?"
"You should babysit if that's what you're comfortable with"
"Don't work at Kindercare!"
"Did you call So&So Co.?"
"Stinks about your job, doesn't it? The people who let you go are jerks"
"Have you looked on Craigslist?"
"If I were you I'd waitress/ go to the gold co."
"You should work at _______" (Michael's, Kohl's Target, etc.)
"You're so good with kids you'll find something"
"Have you found anything yet?"

To each of those people I have replied sweetly as possible- i enjoy it so no, no, i agree, we'll see, no, i agree, yes every hour, you're not me/when this happens to you feel free to do that, not worth it for four weeks, thanks for the confidence/ i hope so, nope!

But to them all, as a collective group? I want to say STOP!!!!!!!

Sigh. Glad we got that over and done with. I know people mean well, really and truly I do. It's just that when you have 50+ people offering their advice, and it's all conflicting, it's overwhelming.

Vent over.

Prayers for Stellan

If you haven't heard, baby Stellan is back in the hospital and not doing well at all- he's being airlifted to Boston today. We all need to storm Heaven with our prayers for this sweet little one!

Prayers for Stellan


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here's To BlogHer '10!

Hmm, what's a bored, lazy single gal supposed to do when she's missing the fabulous BlogHer conference bash that all the cool girls attend?
Why, visit the park on a sunny day for some reading, great tunes
and journaling, along with some random photography of course!


In all honesty, I'd forgotten about BlogHer until the last minute and never signed up- but it turned out alright because I spent last night hanging with my co-worker Ames and her two adorable kids. We went out for ice cream and just enjoyed each other's company since the last time we saw each other was graduation in May. I love her and I love her family so it's all good.
BUT! I will be at BlogHer '10. Hopefully I can get some friends to join me!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Martha's Vineyard II

Part I can be found here

Can you spot the paragliders? I think that would be so much fun, paragliding over the ocean. I've already accomplished that over the mountains but something tells me the ocean would be awesome too!
IMG_7965 by you.

When this is what nature looks like, I'm in love!
IMG_7981 by you.

Aquinnah/ Gayhead Lighthouse- we stopped here for about half an hour just to admire the view.
IMG_7991 by you.

IMG_7995 by you.

Yea...I'm definitely an ocean girl and not a mountain one. Gets me every time!
IMG_7996 by you.

It's almost like a postcard...I swear I took all these photos, though...
IMG_7998 by you.

Windsurfers/ Paragliders...
IMG_8059 by you.

IMG_8020 by you.

This photo gallery had some awesome paintings. I would have enjoyed walking around savoring them all
IMG_8033 by you.IMG_8034 by you.

There were also some beautiful houses on the island. I could totally live there year round, between the views and the houses. Seriously.
IMG_8061 by you.

IMG_8064 by you.

IMG_8065 by you.

Pretty much perfection (for me, anyway!)IMG_8053 by you.

IMG_8055 by you.

IMG_8042 by you.

IMG_8076 by you.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I must be wearing a sign today

Since I'm not working with kids every day like I'm used to, I've been missing the little buggers. Actually, I miss them anyway ;-)

...but I've been thinking a lot about my students and wondering how all of them are enjoying summer.

Anyway, back on topic.

I was grocery shopping today at two different stores and had no less than ten little kids between the ages of oh, seven months and four-ish smile ear to ear and say (well the ones who could talk!)

IMG_8482 - Copy by you.

Melts my heart, every stinkin' time.

Copy of IMG_8485 by you.

Nah, I never act like one of them. Why do you ask?


Within nine months of my move to Big City, I had an awesome, close group of friends. I'd met Lita at a young adult group a day or two after I moved. Amy and I got to know each other through a girls' bible study the first summer I lived here, Shayna and I shared an apartment, and she and Lyn were in the same program together at school. I met Mac at a church event, and by the time my birthday came around, all of these girls attended my birthday party last year. Of course, I had other friends as well,

Mac found a boyfriend (uh, okay so ALL of them are dating now, but that's beside the point!) and subsequently moved in with me. After months and months of tough roommate issues, I asked Mac to move out earlier this year. She and I haven't seen each other or talked since.

Still, the four of us left (Lita, Shayna, Lyn and I) hung out ALL the time. We attended each other's birthday events, went to dinner, the movies, bowling... the four of us got along fantastically and always had a blast when we were together.

Until January, when Lita quit her job in BC to move back in with her parents out of state and help with her mentally disabled brother. A choice we were certainly sad about but understood, and one that has been wonderful for her. She's enjoying her family, but I've only seen her once since then- and literally just for five minutes.

Have no fear though...Shayna, Lyn and I were still a strong threesome, visiting the zoo's Christmas lights, hanging out at least weekly for shared dinners, movies, walks through downtown, and many girl talks.

And then Shayna graduated...and moved back home, three hours from here. Again I understood her decision, she hadn't liked BC since the beginning and was so excited to live in the country again. I've barely seen her since either...but Lyn and I talk almost daily. We took a picnic lunch to the park today and hiked four miles. We went to Milwaukee together last month, and she took good care of my car while I was in Massachusetts and Rhode Island last week. We have girl movie nights, make dinner together, go swimming, and she helped me out a few times with the kids earlier this summer.

Lyn's been my venting board lately, and I've attempted to be there for her as she also goes crazy with life. Both of us are job searching, although she's been frantically looking for months longer than I in an attempt to stay in BC. Sadly, as of now she's had no job offers-

so she's moving back to her parents' in the beginning of August.

I'm upset. She's doesn't want to move, I don't want her to move. She's frustrated in the job hunt and I'm certainly frustrated for and with her. She's one of my best friends here- one of the last I have here. My heart breaks for her...but there isn't anything I can do to help. I'm going to be lost without ANY of my girls here to hang out with frequently.
n144901829_30818148_9532 by you.

What am I going to DO?!?!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Martha's Vineyard I

Last week, my grandma and I visited Martha's Vineyard. I'd never been there before, so I was excited as we headed to the Cape (one of my favorite places! We rented a house there in '00 for a family reunion and it was right across the street from the ocean...bliss, I tell you!). I love anything beach- (and ocean-) related and it was a sunny, beautiful day.

As it ended up, I had a hard time actually enjoying the island becuase...well, you know if you read this blog regularly. Nevertheless, I tried! As it ended up, Gma and I took a bus tour- awesome for me because I didn't have to act like I was in the mood to play tourist!

The beginning of our journey- Gma and I loaded onto a huge ferry for a 45 minute ride to the island. It was extremely windy, so we ended up eating our bagged lunch inside instead of on top like we'd planned!

IMG_7877 by you.

I pretty much decided this is my dream house- because look at the views!!
IMG_7882 by you.

IMG_7881 by you.

IMG_7886 by you.

This seagull followed the ferry for a long time as we floated across the ocean
IMG_7887 by you.

During the bus tour, we got lots of ocean views
IMG_7896 by you.

We found a gas tank advertising gas for 49c!!
IMG_7899 by you.

A historic tree on the island- apparently it's called Humphrey's Tree
IMG_7897 by you.

This police station was the schoolhouse for years- not many students, obviously!
IMG_7900 by you.

It's just so beautiful there!
IMG_7912 by you.

I spotted this weathervane on top of a house- thought it was appropriate!
IMG_7940 by you.


IMG_7955 by you.

IMG_7965 by you.

In all my glory, windy hair and all- and then with my gma. Gotta love that background!
IMG_7975 by you.
IMG_7980 by you.

Many more to come later!!