Friday, July 24, 2009


Within nine months of my move to Big City, I had an awesome, close group of friends. I'd met Lita at a young adult group a day or two after I moved. Amy and I got to know each other through a girls' bible study the first summer I lived here, Shayna and I shared an apartment, and she and Lyn were in the same program together at school. I met Mac at a church event, and by the time my birthday came around, all of these girls attended my birthday party last year. Of course, I had other friends as well,

Mac found a boyfriend (uh, okay so ALL of them are dating now, but that's beside the point!) and subsequently moved in with me. After months and months of tough roommate issues, I asked Mac to move out earlier this year. She and I haven't seen each other or talked since.

Still, the four of us left (Lita, Shayna, Lyn and I) hung out ALL the time. We attended each other's birthday events, went to dinner, the movies, bowling... the four of us got along fantastically and always had a blast when we were together.

Until January, when Lita quit her job in BC to move back in with her parents out of state and help with her mentally disabled brother. A choice we were certainly sad about but understood, and one that has been wonderful for her. She's enjoying her family, but I've only seen her once since then- and literally just for five minutes.

Have no fear though...Shayna, Lyn and I were still a strong threesome, visiting the zoo's Christmas lights, hanging out at least weekly for shared dinners, movies, walks through downtown, and many girl talks.

And then Shayna graduated...and moved back home, three hours from here. Again I understood her decision, she hadn't liked BC since the beginning and was so excited to live in the country again. I've barely seen her since either...but Lyn and I talk almost daily. We took a picnic lunch to the park today and hiked four miles. We went to Milwaukee together last month, and she took good care of my car while I was in Massachusetts and Rhode Island last week. We have girl movie nights, make dinner together, go swimming, and she helped me out a few times with the kids earlier this summer.

Lyn's been my venting board lately, and I've attempted to be there for her as she also goes crazy with life. Both of us are job searching, although she's been frantically looking for months longer than I in an attempt to stay in BC. Sadly, as of now she's had no job offers-

so she's moving back to her parents' in the beginning of August.

I'm upset. She's doesn't want to move, I don't want her to move. She's frustrated in the job hunt and I'm certainly frustrated for and with her. She's one of my best friends here- one of the last I have here. My heart breaks for her...but there isn't anything I can do to help. I'm going to be lost without ANY of my girls here to hang out with frequently.
n144901829_30818148_9532 by you.

What am I going to DO?!?!


  1. No abandonment!!!
    You have me. :) I can try to make it that way a bit more. And you are always welcome at our house.

  2. Oh no! That is so hard. You are in such a transient and settled time in your life. There are bound to be lots of changes in your life and in the lives of your friends. I'm so sorry this happening to you. Hang in there.

    On a lighter note... You were in RI last week?!!! Are you kidding me. I LIVE in RI. I wish I had known. I would love to have gotten together for ice cream (a summer favorite of mine). Does that seem too weird to you? Meeting someone from the internet. I know it's a controversial subject. But, I would have loved it, in any case!

  3. Oh no! That's so sad! =( Prayers that you find some new friends to hang out with soon!!


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