Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For those that never comment

This post is dedicated to you,

Peanut Butter Bruen (you know you read this!),

and you,

Mom (who comments when she's not traveling the country),

and you,

Stevie (although in your defense you did comment the other day, I just love ya!)

so really,

Peanut Butter Bruen,

it's just for you. Because you read, and don't comment. Ever.

Be proud, a whole post just for you!
Now, shouldn't you comment on that?!

*If you don't understand this post, have no fear. Normal posting will resume soon, haha!*


  1. My friends and family are always saying something about my blog, but do they comment? NNNNNOOOO, oh well, I'm still having fun!

  2. AWE. SOME!!!!
    I am impressed.

    And wow, you posted this fast.

    Peanut butter Bruen...comment away, sir! (Bethany, I'm pretty confident we could kick his butt between the 2 of us;)


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