Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here's To BlogHer '10!

Hmm, what's a bored, lazy single gal supposed to do when she's missing the fabulous BlogHer conference bash that all the cool girls attend?
Why, visit the park on a sunny day for some reading, great tunes
and journaling, along with some random photography of course!


In all honesty, I'd forgotten about BlogHer until the last minute and never signed up- but it turned out alright because I spent last night hanging with my co-worker Ames and her two adorable kids. We went out for ice cream and just enjoyed each other's company since the last time we saw each other was graduation in May. I love her and I love her family so it's all good.
BUT! I will be at BlogHer '10. Hopefully I can get some friends to join me!!


  1. such a pretty sky! loves it! also, sounds like a pretty awesome weekend.

    ps hello! :)

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  3. Sounds like you made the best of your time! I have to admit, though, that the conference sounds fun. I went to so many conferences when I worked at a university that it doesn't excite me toooo much! I'm interested in attending an art workshop somewhere though... where you get to learn something new, create something new, and bring it home with you.

    You had asked about my blog design. I did design it myself. It's about time for a change while I have time to change it before school starts back! I used to create the background and the header. I'm still a little new at it and forget how to do it each time. I follow the directions on the "cutest blog on the block" site to get the background in html. Let me know if you try it yourself!

    oops... misspelled a word, which drives me crazy... by the way, how do you add your signature?

  4. Ah!!!!!! NYC?!!
    Darn it. I was hoping you'd say somewhere in Ohio. I would LOVE to go, but who knows if that will work out or not. If I ever do go, I'd for sure love to join you. I don't wanna go solo!

    Very good pics. I would have taken your lazy Sunday to our 14 hours in the car, but the trip was worth it.

    See you in 4 days!

  5. This post made me laugh out loud! Maybe next year I will be "cool" enough to go to BlogHer too! LOL! :)

  6. I want to go next year too!

  7. I was able to attend the Friday sessions at this year's Blogher (had to leave early for family reasons).

    I'd love to be at next years in NY, but I'm afraid it will be sold out before I can afford another registration fee.

  8. LOL. Your day sounds better than BlogHer to me!


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