Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Outta Here!

My bags are (mostly) packed
My apartment is (nowhere near) clean
The dishes are (not) done

I guess I'm ready to go!

I'm driving 12-14 hours with my grandma tomorrow back to her home near the East Coast. I hope to visit an island, spend some time with old friends (and maybe my old nanny family!) and just have a good time!

I'm sure when I return, I'll have some pretty fabulous pictures to share with you...maybe some that resemble these!!

Have a great week- don't miss me too much :)


  1. I hope that you have a fabulous time!

  2. Have a fun & safe trip!!
    I'll try not to miss you too much. ;)
    Or maybe I'll just talk your ear off when you return to make up for it!

    Cute pictures. I wanna go there.

  3. Have a great trip. What happened to your uncle?


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